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Certified Mail made simple.

USPS Certified Mail® can be processed on your desktop at home or work, in the mailroom, or high-volume mail processing facility. Users can generate letters individually, in batches, or automatically via our REST API. It’s the perfect solution whether you’re sending one, 100, or 100,000 pieces. It couldn’t be easier. All you need is a printer, a plain piece of paper, and one of our free Certified Mail window envelopes (#10, 6” x 9”, 9” x 12”) - or shipping labels if you are sending Priority Mail envelope or a box.


Step 1: Enter or import address

Enter the recipient’s address, select from the built-in address book or upload an Excel file to send hundreds – or thousands – in a batch. We’ll verify each address to reduce delivery problems. Add the item ID and reference to match with the letter content being mailed.


Step 2: Print Certified Mail with postage (and no forms)

Print everything on one regular sheet of paper using any printer to be inserted in one of our free Certified Mail Envelopes. If you are sending Priority Mail® envelopes or boxes you just need to print on label sheets.


Step 3: Send it

Simply drop your items into any mailbox or leave them for your mail carrier to pick them up. A Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) for each mail piece is posted to your account within hours. No more time-consuming trips to the Post Office and no more need for PS3800 Receipts, Scan Forms, Firm Books or Manifests.

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Simple Certified Mail
Choose 6x9, 9x12, or #10

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Electronic Proof of Acceptance, Delivery and Return Receipt replace manual methods.

The Proof of Acceptance Electronic (PDF file) is recognized by the IRS, state tax agencies, state, and federal courts as prima facie evidence of USPS acceptance of your mail piece. The Return Receipt Electronic carries the same legal status as the PS3811 Green Card and is posted to your account with 24 hours of the mail being delivered. Proof of Delivery Electronic is posted just as quickly, for mail pieces not requiring a signature.

Ten-Year Record of all your transactions and USPS Proofs.

All of these PDFs are stored in your account for ten years and can be printed or downloaded at any time, making them easy to submit to courts and distribute as necessary.

Easier to Track Costs and Seek Reimbursement from Clients.

With the cost code features, it’s easy to allocate mailing costs to internal departments or speed up reimbursement from clients with detailed reports. Easily download expenses in Microsoft® Excel format for sorting, analysis, and allocation to specific jobs or clients.

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