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2021 USPS Certified Mail® Rates

...and how saves you money and time throughout the process.

What the USPS charges for Certified Mail®
Rates effctive on August 29, 2021
Certified Mail Fee$3.75
Certified Mail with Restricted Delivery$9.75
Return Receipt – PS3811 Green Card$3.05
Return Receipt Electronic – PDF File (Replaces the Green Card)$1.85
First Class Letter Postage – At Post Office (1 Oz.)$0.58
First Class Letter Postage – At Post Office (Additional Ozs.)$0.20
Meter and Online Postage – The Rate (1 Oz.)$0.53
Meter and Online Postage – The Rate (Additional Ozs.)$0.20
Flats (1 Oz.)$1.16
Flats (Additional Ozs.)$0.20

How to Save Money on Certified Mail®

The postage meter rate to send a one-ounce Certified Mail letter with Green Card is $7.33. If you mail from the Post Office counter, it’s $7.38.

In contrast, with the cost is $7.09, and you receive the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) within 24 hours rather than waiting days for signed Green Cards to return. If you don’t need a signature, the cost is $5.24 (a 28% savings), and you receive the Proof of Delivery (Electronic) within 24 hours of your letter being delivered.

Plus, our USPS-approved Certified Mail window envelopes are provided to you at no charge, adding another 15¢ to 20¢ to your savings. And you’ll receive automatic refunds for Certified Mail letters you prepare but don’t mail. For many clients, that’s as many as 5% of the Certified Mail pieces they prepare.

How to Save Time on Certified Mail® eliminates all the USPS® forms and trips to the Post Office. You simply print Certified Mail® cover sheets from your home or office printer, complete with electronic postage. Tuck the cover sheets and your letter into the window envelope we provide, drop in any mailbox, or leave for your Mail Carrier to pick up. Clients report saving 80% and more on labor which can easily be $3 to $4 per piece of Certified Mail.

Simple Certified Mail

The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) PDF is posted to your account within hours of mailing, soon after the letter receives its first scan at a USPS facility. The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) is accepted by the IRS, state and federal courts as prima facia evidence that the Post Office took possession of the Certified letter at a specific date and time. No more Scan Forms, Manifests and Firm Books.

Certified Mail Proof of Acceptance

Once your mail piece is delivered, the Proof of Delivery (Electronic) or Return Receipt (Electronic) are posted to your account within 24 hours. No more waiting days for Green Cards to be returned and having to file them in cabinets and closets. The USPS Return Receipt Electronic® has the same legal status as the PS-3811 Green Card.


Key Benefits of the SimpleCertifiedTM platform:

  • Eliminates USPS forms and postage meters.
  • Prepares Certified Mail at least 5x faster.
  • Batch processing features make it easy to prepare hundreds and thousands of Certified Mail letters.
  • REST APIs enable integration with other enterprise software.
  • Automatic refunds for Certified Mail that is prepared but not mailed.
  • Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) posted to your account without visiting the Post Office.
  • Return Receipt (Electronic) posted to your account within 24 hours of delivery.
  • 10 year archive of tracking and expense data.
  • Administrative features make it easy to manage users and spending across many locations.
  • Enables local preparation of Certified Mail, plus outsourcing via Mail Service Providers.

Are You a High-Volume Mailer?

Learn how our Batch Processing feature and APIs can save you more than 80% on the labor it takes to prepare Certified Mail. Not to mention the countless hours you spend managing the Proof of Mailing, Proof of Delivery, and signed Return Receipts.

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