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2021 USPS Certified Mail® Rates

...and how gets you the
USPS® Return Receipt (Electronic) within 24 hours!

New USPS Certified Mail Rates as of August 29th
New Rates as of August 29, 2021January, 2021 Rates
Certified Mail Fee$3.75$3.60
Certified Mail with Restricted Delivery$9.75$9.15
Return Receipt – PS3811 Green Card$3.05$2.85
Return Receipt Electronic – PFD File (Replaces the Green Card)$1.85$1.75
First Class Letter Postage – At Post Office (1 Oz.)$0.58$0.55
First Class Letter Postage – At Post Office (Additional Ozs.)$0.20$0.20
Meter and Online Postage – The Rate (1 Oz.)$0.53$0.51
Meter and Online Postage – The Rate (Additional Ozs.)$0.20$0.20
Flats (1 Oz.)$1.16$1.00
Flats – Additional Ozs.$0.20$0.20

Wait Days.

Wait Hours.

Get the USPS® Return Receipt ElectronicTM
within 24 hours.

Don’t wait a week or longer for signed Green Cards to return – and don't risk them getting misplaced.

With, every Return Receipt Electronic is posted to your account within 24 hours of signature. They're stored in your account for up to 10 years, where they're easy find, easy to download, and easy to print from your office or home.

No other service can do that for you.

The Simple Certified Platform offers many more time-saving features:

  • Eliminate USPS forms and postage meters to prepare Certified Mail in 80% less time than before.
  • Prepare Certified Mail envelopes and labels using any home or office or home printer.
  • Built-in address validation highlights incomplete addresses before you mail.
  • Receive Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) without visiting the Post Office.
  • Batch processing capabilities make it easy to mail hundreds and thousands of Certified Mail pieces.
  • Automatic refunds for Certified Mail that is prepared but not mailed.
  • Production reports make it easy to track your spending.
  • Administrative features make it simple to manage users across many locations.
  • REST APIs enable you to integrate requests for the services into other enterprise software.

Get started today!

No setup or monthly fees. No software to install. Perfect for office or home.
If you have questions, call 888-462-1750. 8am-5pm ET. To sign up, click below.

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