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2024 USPS Certified Mail Rates

New USPS prices will start Sunday, January 21, 2024

The U.S. Postal Service has announced a postage rate increase to be implemented on Sunday, January 21, 2024.

Highlights for Certified Mail® customers include:
  • Certified Mail is increasing $0.05 (1.15%) to $4.40 from $4.35
  • Return Receipt (PS Form 3811) is increasing $0.10 (2.82%) to $3.65 from $3.50
  • Return Receipt Electronic is increasing $0.12 (5.45%) to $2.32 from $2.20
2024 Certified Mail Rates (Effective January 21, 2024)
2024 Rates2023 Rates$ Increase% Increase
Certified Mail$4.40$4.35$0.051.15%
Certified Mail with Restricted Delivery$11.65$11.45$0.201.75%
Return Receipt (PS 3811 Green Card)$3.65$3.55$0.102.82%
Return Receipt Electronic (PDF)$2.32$2.20$0.125.45%
First Class Mail - 1 Ounce (Metered Mail Rate)$0.64$0.63$0.011.59%
First Class Mail - Additional Ounces$0.24$0.24$0.000.00%
First Class Mail Large Envelope - 1 ounce$1.39$1.35$0.042.96%
First Class Mail Large Envelope - additional ounces$0.24$0.24$0.000.00%
Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope (Commercial Rate)$8.50$8.05$0.455.59%
Priority Mail Legal Flat Rate Envelope (Commercial Rate)$8.80$8.35$0.455.39%
Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope (Commercial Rate)$9.30$8.80$0.505.68%
Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box (Commercial Rate)$9.05$8.55$0.505.85%
Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box (Commercial Rate)$16.00$14.75$1.258.47%
Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box (Commercial Rate)$21.85$19.90$1.959.80% Rates Will Automatically Update will automatically update all USPS rates inside the web-based platform on Sunday, January 21, 2024. No additional actions are required, and customers will AUTOMATICALLY see the 2024 USPS rates on the platform.

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