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Access USPS tracking data and confirmations, online, for ten years.

With the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) universally accepted as the equivalent of the Green Card by the IRS, State and Federal Courts, and government agencies, you no longer have to maintain the original Green Card for years in case it’s required in court.

Instead, you simply login to your account and retrieve the Return Receipt (Electronic) in PDF format, then print it on your office printer and transmit the PDF to the court. The USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) PDF file contains an “original signature” that has been deemed as an “original” in multiple copies.

All of the USPS data associated with your Certified Mail® pieces, including tracking Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery and the Return Receipt (Electronic) with signature, is held in your account for ten years. Or course, you can request a copy of all the files, at any time, if you want to maintain a back-up on your own server.

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