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Benefits of Using Certified Mail to Send Tax Returns

Your tax return is one of the most important items you’ll mail all year. Not only do tax forms need to be filled out properly and accurately, they also need to be mailed on time. Failing to file on time can lead to fees and penalties – up to 5% per month. While e-filing has…

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Registered Mail vs. Certified Mail

When sending a product that has significant value or important documents, the USPS offers two great options: Registered Mail and Certified Mail. However, sometimes people mix up the two services or think they are the same product. While there are some similarities, there are also important differences between Registered Mail and Certified Mail. This article…

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Certified Mail vs. Priority Mail

When you are sending important documents, there are many USPS options to choose from including Priority Mail, First Class Mail, Media Mail, and Certified Mail. But what is the best option? That depends. Each USPS mail service is designed for a specific purpose. This article focuses on two popular options — USPS Certified Mail versus…

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