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How Certified Mail® software saves Property Managers time and money.

Property Managers use Certified Mail® to deliver important notices to tenants, such as notices of overdue rent, fines, lease violations, terminations, and evictions. This is because Certified Mail is a cost-efficient way to deliver these notices, and the Proof of Mailing (Acceptance) and Proof of Delivery provided by Certified Mail satisfy the legal requirements detailed…

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How digitization drives demand for web-based Certified Mail® software

As businesses continue to seek ways to improve regulatory compliance, customer relations and internal efficiency, we have seen first-hand how the move to digitize business processes is leading to changes in the way Certified Mail is prepared and managed. We recently attended meetings with leading financial institutions and professional service firms. In each case, the firm…

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Six ways online Certified Mail® software makes using Certified Mail faster, easier and more efficient

Certified Mail® plays an important role in business and legal affairs when the mailer needs official USPS verification that their mail was mailed and/or delivered. In fact, approximately 190 million pieces of Certified Mail are sent each year in the United States. For many users, however, the process of preparing Certified Mail, tracking its progress…

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