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Send any volume of Certified Mail® – whether 1, 100 or 100,000 pieces.

Bulk Certified Mail®

Our easy-to-use online interface makes it easy to create and print Certified Mail® cover sheets and labels, and eliminates any need to visit the Post Office. The built-in batch processing features are ideal for sending hundreds or thousands of pieces. Simply upload an Excel file and print your labels. also enables you – or your preferred mail service provider – to integrate our services via APIs. This enables the production of Certified Mail® with virtually no manual process, and the integration of USPS tracking data and confirmations for Proof of Acceptance and Proof of Delivery, directly with your key business applications and files.

Finally, if you need some assistance with a large mailing, and don’t have a mail service provider lined up, we can provide assistance directly. Just contact customer service.

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