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Reduce your costs significantly. reduces your costs by eliminating manual processes, reducing complexities throughout the process, providing you with online tracking and automatically posting to your account the electronic confirmations of acceptance and delivery that enable you to move your legal and asset recovery processes forward faster.

We are so confident about that there are no fees to set up your account, no recurring monthly fees, and no minimum charges. We also supply you with USPS approved Certified Mail® envelopes at no charge. Pricing is less than Certified Mail® sent with a Green Card, and the overall process is much simpler and faster.

Our service includes the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic), the legal equivalent of the Green Card, posted to your account 24 hours of your mail piece being delivered, rather than waiting days for the return of Green Cards. You will also receive an electronic Proof of Acceptance within a few hours of your mail being picked up, thus eliminating Scan Forms, Firm Books and Manifests.

When you sign up, we'll ask a few questions about how many Certified Mail® pieces you send each month. Based on that, we’ll ask you to fund your account via ACH – similar to using a postage meter. The funds are maintained in an individual Trust Account at the BB&T bank, one of the nation’s largest regional banks. You can see the status of your account anytime, and if you ever decide to cancel the service, your credit balance will be promptly refunded. In addition, we do not retain any banking information in our system. All Account and Routing numbers are immediately transmitted to our service provider, Forte Payment Systems. They return a secure encrypted token that is used to process any transaction. This is the same process required by all ACH and Credit Card processors.

Each time you send a piece of Certified Mail® with our system, your account will be debited. Certified Mail® pieces prepared but not mailed within 8 days have their transaction fees refunded automatically, minus a small administrative fee. The automatic refund is another exclusive feature of

A Statement of Service is emailed to you at the beginning of each month. This statement summarizes all activity from the previous month and provides a ledger detailing each transaction.

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