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Move legal and business processes ahead faster. Get Return Receipt (Electronic) within hours.

  • No more waiting up to a week for Green Cards to be returned and worrying that some might get lost on the way back.
  • The USPS® Return Receipt (Electronic) – the modern replacement for the Green Card – is posted to your account within hours of delivery.
  • It provides the City, State, Time, and Date that the item was delivered, plus the signature of the person accepting.
  • The box in the lower center of the form contains the Recipient’s name, address, and any reference. This provides an exact match of the USPS Certified Mail item Number to the Addressee.
  • The PDF file carries the same legal status as the Green Card, is stored in your account for ten years, and can be downloaded and printed by you at any time.
  • For the Certified Mail letters that don’t require a signature, your account will receive a Proof of Delivery (Electronic) PDF file, also within hours, and providing the City, State, Time and Date the item was delivered.
  • Watch the How-To Video
Return Receipt Electronic
Return Receipt Electronic Image

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