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The cost of our service is simple too: You only pay for what you use. No subscription fees, monthly minimums or maintenance fees. The cost per piece in the chart below includes USPS Postage, USPS Certified Mail Fees, our cost of service, and window envelopes. Others charge separately for envelopes, have hidden fees, and do not provide automatic refunds of postage for Certified Mail pieces that are created but not mailed. Automatic refunds can reduce your costs significantly.

Our cost of service depends on your monthly volume. Everything you need, with improved performance vs. Green Cards, for less than the cost of using Green Cards. This doesn’t begin to count the savings in labor and other office expenses when it comes to managing Certified Mail, and the benefits of faster Proof of Acceptance and Proof of Delivery.

Office Solutions: Cost of Service including USPS postage and fees
Level Average Monthly Volume #10 Envelope 6"x9" Envelope 9"x12" Envelope
Level 1 < 1,000 $6.56 $4.96 $6.57 $4.97 $7.14 $5.54
Level 2 1,000-5,000 $6.52 $4.92 $6.53 $4.93 $7.10 $5.50
Level 3 5,001-10,000 $6.48 $4.88 $6.49 $4.89 $7.06 $5.46
Level 4 > 10,000 $6.44 $4.84 $6.45 $4.85 $7.02 $5.42
  1. All prices are for individual Certified Mail pieces.
  2. If your monthly volume exceeds Level 1, please contact our office at 888-462-1750 ext. 103.
  3. "CM-RRE" is Certified Mail with Return Receipt (Electronic).
  4. "CM" is standard Certified Mail with Proof of Acceptance and Delivery, but no signature.
  5. Prices assume 1 oz. letters. Each additional ounce (five pages) adds $.15. There is a $.50 surcharge for Large Envelopes (flats) 9”x 12” and larger.
  6. For comparison, the USPS price for a 1 oz. letter sent via Certified Mail with a Green Card, in a #10 or 6”x9” envelope, is $6.80. For 9" x12" envelopes it is $7.30.
  7. For information on the Cost of Service for using APIs, see the Enterprise Solutions section of the web site.

Paying for the service is similar to using a postage meter. During the account set-up, you prepay your initial, anticipated Certified Mail® expenses, and set a level for automatic replenishment of your account via ACH from a business checking account. Your deposits with us are held in a separate Trust Account by BB&T bank and are covered by a Fidelity Bond. You can view your account online, and all balances are returned at your request. In addition, we do not retain any banking information in our system. All Account and Routing numbers are immediately transmitted to our service provider, Forte Payment Systems. They return a secure encrypted token that is used to process any transaction. This is the same process required by all ACH and Credit Card processors. Credit cards are not accepted at this time.

Certified Mail Envelopes

Our Certified Mail® envelopes are preprinted with the green Certified Mail banner along the top edge, and come with a large, clear window that enables USPS scanners to scan our unique cover sheet inside – with the recipient and return addresses, electronic postage and USPS bar codes. The envelopes are provided at no charge in #10, 6"x 9" and 9" x 12" sizes. You can also source your own. Free Envelopes

Certified Mail Labels

Our Certified Mail® labels make it easy to send Certified Mail that requires a larger envelope or box. These labels measure 8½” x 5½”, are preprinted with the Certified Mail banner, and come 2-up on 8 ½” x 11” sheets that run through ink-jet and laser printers. There is a $29.95 charge for each package of 200 Certified Mail labels. They can be used on Priority Mail Tyvek envelopes and boxes.

Certified Mail Label

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