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Simple, all-inclusive pricing.

Discounted rates. No subscription fees. Envelopes included.

Certified Mail
#10 or 6"x9" envelope$6.70
9"x12" envelope$7.47

Envelopes Included

Certified Mail with Return Receipt
#10 or 6"x9" envelope$9.32
9"x12" envelope$10.09

Envelopes Included

Pricing is for 1 oz. letters. Flats or boxes above 13 oz are sent via Priority Mail with the Certified Mail Extra Service.

What you save:

  • Save 32¢ per piece compared to using Green Cards, and get the Signed Return Receipt (Electronic) posted to your account within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Save $2.94 per piece if you don’t need a signature. The Proof of Delivery (Electronic) will be posted to your once account soon after your Certified letter is delivered.
  • Eliminate Certified Mail PS3800 receipts. A Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) for each piece is posted to your account soon after first USPS scan.

Send more than 1000 pieces per month?
Call us at 888-462-1750 for even deeper discounts.

*When sending Certified Mail with Return Receipt using SCM compared with using the USPS green card (Form PS 3811)

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Simple Certified Mail
Choose 6x9, 9x12, or #10

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Certified Mail® Envelopes

There’s no separate charge for the Certified Mail window envelopes we provide in #10, 6"x 9", and 9" x 12" sizes. They are included in the Cost-of-Service. The envelopes are easy for the USPS equipment and mail carriers to handle and make a professional impression wherever they are sent. Orders take 3-5 business days to arrive.

Image of all 3 certified mail envelope sizes

Certified Mail® Labels

Our Certified Mail® labels make it easy to send Certified Mail® that requires a larger envelope or box. These labels measure 8½” x 5½”, are preprinted with the Certified Mail® banner, and come 2-up on 8 ½” x 11” sheets that run through ink-jet and laser printers. There is a $34.95 charge for each package of 200 Certified Mail labels. They can be used on Priority Mail® Tyvek envelopes and boxes.

Certified Mail Label

Also supporting First-Class Mail® and Priority Mail®

Prepare First-Class Mail®, First-Class Parcel®, Priority Mail® and Priority Mail® Express via the SimpleCertified™ platform. For First-Class Mail we charge a 10¢ per piece transaction fee, plus the cost of these windows envelopes (100/pack). If you are using our Mail Services capability to outsource your mail, the transaction fees are higher. Call Customer Service for details.

Simple Certified Mail

Print 8 ½” x 11” cover sheets,
with electronic postage, on plain paper.
Fold and insert them into all-white window envelopes
along with your printed letter.

Simple Certified Mail

Print on standard white
5 ½” x 8 ½” labels available
from Avery® and many other brands.

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