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How Payment Works

Paying for the service is similar to using a postage meter. During the account set-up, you prepay your initial, anticipated Certified Mail® expenses, and set a level for automatic replenishment of your account via ACH from a business checking account. For each ACH transaction an email is sent alerting you of the name of the account that was debited and withdrawal amount.

Your deposits are held in a separate Trust Account by the Branch Banking & Trust Company (BB&T) and are covered by a Fidelity Bond. You can view your account online, and all balances are returned upon your request. does not retain any banking information in our system. All Account and Routing numbers are immediately transmitted to our service provider, Forte Payment Systems. They return a secure encrypted token that is used to process any transaction. This is the same process required by all ACH and Credit Card processors.

You receive a detailed Statement of Services at the end of each month.  It contains a summary of debits and credits made to your account, plus a ledger with details of each mail piece sent during the month.

Credit cards are also accepted. Contact Customer Service for details.

Get started quickly!

Getting started is simple. There’s no software to install. No fixed monthly fees. Just a small transaction fee per piece, and we supply the Certified Mail window envelopes at no extra charge. Just tell us how many you need to get started and prefund your account (minimum level of $60). You’ll receive the envelopes in 3-5 days and unused funds are refundable. To sign up, click below. If you have questions, call 888-462-1750. 8am–5pm ET.

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