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For Mailing Service Providers

Unlock new revenue opportunities with our simple USPS Certified Mail® API.

Easily add Certified Mail to your mailing services.

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Automated forms. Electronic Return Receipt. 10-year digital archive.
Automated forms. Electronic Return Receipt. 10-year digital archive.

Offering Certified Mail® is now easier (and more profitable) than you think.

Think offering Certified Mail is more hassle than it’s worth? Not with Simple Certified Mail. Simple Certified Mail streamlines and automates the Certified Mail process, reducing labor costs by 80% while dramatically increasing profitability.

No Post Office required
New Revenue Stream

Expand your service portfolio and tap into a fresh revenue stream by offering Certified Mail outsourcing services to your clients.

Instant digital access to 10 years of records
Higher Margins

Elevate your profitability with higher margins on Certified Mail services, making it a lucrative addition to your service portfolio

Cut costs and labor time by up to 80%
Attract customers with value-added services

Provide your clients with valuable services, including a 24/7 self-service portal, document merging, and seamless integration back into their CRM systems.

100% legal compliance
Reduce Costs

Efficiently automate Certified Mail production, dramatically reducing time and labor costs associated with manual processing.

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Our clients say it best...

“ walked us through their API-based approach and opened our eyes to a new way of managing Certified Mail.”

–Senior Client Relationship Manager, MSP

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Simplicity from start to finish

Easily prepare, track and manage Certified Mail within your workflow

  • Automate the production of Certified Mail, significantly reducing time and labor costs
  • Generate PDF files with Certified Mail cover sheets, complete with electronic postage
  • Automatically match cover sheets with letters, fold and insert
  • Pull all tracking info including Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery, and Return Receipt (Electronic), directly into your systems for easy customer access
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