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We’re simplifying Certified Mail® for healthcare.

Certified Mail® is used in many healthcare applications, where the Proof of Delivery of a letter sent through the mail stream is important.

Healthcare claims processors often use to meet Federal and State requirements for various patient notifications that result in Proof of Delivery being returned to the claims processor. For this application, eliminating the manual processes and delays around the use of Green Cards has proved a tremendous advantage, especially as the Return Receipt (Electronic) PDF can be easily appended to their customer records.

Physician management companies use to assist with the various notifications they make to their network of healthcare providers.


Clients Speak

“The faster return of the Return Receipt (Electronic) helps us move forward to the next step in our Affidavit of Service and saves 3-5 business days.”

“From the very first day, we were saving time and money!”

“All of our offices are using and we can't be any happpier.”

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