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We’re simplifying Certified Mail® for healthcare providers.

Certified Mail® is used by healthcare providers when it is important for them to prove that their correspondence was delivered. One of the most common examples is account receivables management. With healthcare representing nearly 20% of GNP, more than $140 billion of medical debt is outstanding at any given time. Many states have passed laws to guide how healthcare providers and third-party account receivable specialists communicate with the holders of this debt. A good example is Nevada SB248, a law that requires that not less than 60 days before taking any action to collect an overdue medical debt, the holder of the receivables must mail the debtor a Final Demand Notice by Certified Mail®, informing the debtor that a debt collector has been assigned.

Many accounts receivable specialists use web-based software from to reduce the cost and complexities of sending Certified Mail and to ensure fast and efficient adherence to state laws.

Integration with services via APIs enable mailers to automate the uploading of address files to the SimpleCertified™ Platform and the receipt back of a PDF file containing Certified Mail cover sheets matching each address in the file, complete with electronic postage. This enables the cover sheets to be automatically matched with corresponding letters, printed, folded, and inserted into Certified Mail window envelopes, with no manual touchpoints.

APIs also enable the mailer to request Electronic Proof of Acceptance, Electronic Proof of Delivery, and the USPS Return Receipt Electronic. The Electronic Proof of Acceptance PDF is delivered shortly after the Certified Mail letter receives its first scan from an outbound facility, along with the USPS tracking number and cost-of-service. The Electronic Proof of Delivery PDF and USPS Return Receipt Electronic PDF are delivered within 24 hours of delivery. Many mailers combine the original letter with the electronic acceptance and electronic delivery files into a single PDF file, greatly simplifying record keeping for their healthcare clients. 

All in all, most mailers report that saves them at least 80% of the time and labor cost previously devoted to the process while providing much better service to their healthcare clients.

Single PDF File
Mailers can combine the mailed letter with the Proof of Acceptance and Return Receipt Electronic into a single PDF file, greatly simplifying record-keeping for their healthcare clients.

Clients Speak

“The faster return of the Return Receipt (Electronic) helps us move forward to the next step in our Affidavit of Service and saves 3-5 business days.”

“From the very first day, we were saving time and money!”

“All of our offices are using and we can't be any happpier.”

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