We’re simplifying Certified Mail® for Financial Services.

SimpleCertifiedMail.com enables faster asset recovery in the servicing of mortgages, car loans and other asset-based lending. And given the value of many of these assets, the fact that SimpleCertifiedMail.com delivers the Proof of Acceptance within hours of the first post office scan of outbound letters, and the Return Receipt (Electronic) within 24 hours of the Certified Mail® letter being delivered, has a quantifiable financial benefit for these firms.

SimpleCertifiedMail.com also helps financial service companies to adhere to state requirements and best practices when it comes to the Escheatment process for bank accounts, insurance policies, utility deposits and other unclaimed property. Many financial service companies have already made investments in digital document infrastructure. By integrating with SimpleCertifiedMail.com via APIs, the financial firms can now automate the integration of the Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) and Return Receipt (Electronic) with the rest of their digital archive.


Customers Speak

“The faster return of the Return Receipt (Electronic) helps us move forward to the next step in our Affidavit of Service and saves 3-5 business days.”

“From the very first day, we were saving time and money!”

“All of our offices are using SimpleCertifiedMail.com and we can't be any happpier.”

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