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Certified Mail Software for Car Dealers and Auto Manufacturers

Easily send car titles and “Right to Cure” notices online using Certified Mail.

In 2023, the U.S. auto industry sold over 15 million new cars. And with each new car purchase, auto manufacturers and car dealerships have important messages to communicate to new buyers regarding service reminders, warranty expiration dates, trade-in values, plus much more. When there is a need for notifications regarding ownership status or safety, the auto industry often uses USPS Certified Mail to communicate with buyers.

Certified Mail: A Trusted Messaging Tool for Auto Industry Notifications

The auto industry has used Certified Mail as a messaging tool for important notifications since the USPS service was introduced.  Car dealerships often use Certified Mail to send items such as ownership titles for new cars to ensure the title gets to the correct owner of record.  Auto manufacturers use Certified Mail for "Right to Cure" notices in the event a car loan payment (or multiple payments) have been missed. Certified Mail is also used if there is an important recall or safety-related issue with a vehicle.

Certified Mail is used by the auto industry because the sender can track when the mailpiece enters the USPS mailstream and when the item is delivered. When used together with Return Receipt, Certified Mail includes a signature that proves the mailpiece was delivered to the intended recipient. This provides important legal protection for the automotive industry with regards to safety notifications and product recalls.

Send Certified Mail Online Easily with Software provides auto manufacturers and car dealers with an easy method to send Certified Mail to their customers for important notifications. The software allows you to eliminate USPS forms (Green Cards) from the mailing process. Instead, you can print cover sheets and labels (for envelopes and packages) from any inkjet or laser printer at your home or office.

Key benefits include:

  • No trips to the post office: Using allows you to avoid visits to the busy Post Office. Drop your completed Certified Mail items in any USPS mailbox or leave them for your daily mail carrier to pick up.
  • Batch Print multiple labels: Our Batch Processing features make it fast and easy to print dozens, hundreds, or thousands of Certified Mail labels in one large print job to simplify the process. Customers say they save big on labor with the ability to prepare 500 Certified Mail letters in 50 minutes, rather than five hours the old-fashioned way.
  • Return Receipt Electronic: When a recipient’s signature is required, the USPS Return Receipt Electronic is posted to your account within 24 hours of your Certified Mail letter being delivered and the signature collected on the Mail Carriers tablet computer. No more waiting a week or more for Green Cards to come back or sending replacement Certified letters for those with lost Green Cards.
  • 10 Year Data Archive: The POA, Return Receipt Electronic and production data, including costs for each mailpiece, are retained in your account for 10 years. Production data makes it easy to summarize your expenses by client and seek reimbursement when appropriate.

Get started quickly!

Getting started is simple. There’s no software to install. No fixed monthly fees. Just a small transaction fee per piece, and we supply the Certified Mail window envelopes at no extra charge. Just tell us how many you need to get started and prefund your account (minimum level of $60). You’ll receive the envelopes in 3-5 days and unused funds are refundable. To sign up, click below. If you have questions, call 888-462-1750. 8am–5pm ET.

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