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We’re simplifying Certified Mail® for the Automotive industry.

One of the big 3 American automobile manufacturers uses APIs to integrate our services with the Desktop, simplifying the use of Certified Mail® for dealer relations and finance activities. This enabled the company to merge the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) into their account files.

Customers Speak

“The faster return of the Return Receipt (Electronic) helps us move forward to the next step in our Affidavit of Service and saves 3-5 business days.”

“From the very first day, we were saving time and money!”

“All of our offices are using and we can't be any happpier.”

Get started today!

No setup or monthly fees. No software to install. Perfect for office or home.
If you have questions, call 888-462-1750. 8am-5pm ET. To sign up, click below.

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