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Faster, more accurate USPS confirmations accelerate every business process that depends on Certified Mail®

With you receive a Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) PDF for each Certified Mail® piece, once the mail receives its first outbound scan, normally just hours after being picked up by your Mail Carrier. The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) replaces USPS PS 3800 Receipts, Scan Forms, Manifests and Firm Books, and has been deemed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to satisfy TITLE 26, Subtitle F, CHAPTER 77, Sec. 7502 of the US Treasury Code with “Timely mailing treated as timely filing and paying.”

Upon delivery the Proof of Delivery (Electronic) or USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) PDF is posted to your account (and emailed to you and others as requested) within 24 hours. And since the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) is universally accepted as the equivalent of the Green Card by the IRS, State and Federal Courts, and government agencies, you can say goodbye to Green Cards once and for all.

Special note: In regard to accuracy, the Postal Service sometimes mistakenly issues a “Delivered” event code when the mail piece is actually returned to the sender. To correct for this, matches every sending and delivery zip code, and if they are the same, the service changes the status from “Delivered” to “Returned” in the Delivery Information Report.

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