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Certified Mail® envelopes and labels make your mail look more professional.

  • Our USPS® approved window envelopes, preprinted with the green Certified Mail® banner along the top edge, are designed specifically for Certified Mail®. They’re easy for the USPS to handle, and make a professional impression wherever they are mailed. To use, you simply print Certified Mail “cover sheets” on standard paper from any standard printer, then fold the cover sheets and insert them into the envelopes, along with your letter. The envelopes are provided in #10, 6"x 9", and 9" x 12" sizes.
  • Certified Mail® labels are also available. Designed for flats, Tyvek® envelopes, and boxes, the labels measure 8½” x 5”, are preprinted with the Certified Mail® banner, and are supplied 2-up on 8 ½” x 11” sheets. Use any standard inkjet and laser printer. There’s a $29.95 charge for each package of 200 Certified Mail labels.
  • Watch the How-To Video Envelopes

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