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Introducing Intelligent Enterprise Certified Mail®

Integrate our services with your main enterprise applications via APIs.
Eliminate manual steps and move business processes forward faster.

API integration transforms your use of Certified Mail® by integrating’s services directly with the key applications and files you use to run your business. USPS tracking data, as well as Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery and Return Receipt (Electronic) files can all transfer automatically into these applications and files, eliminating manual steps and accelerating any business process that depends on Certified Mail®.

This enables you to capture significant savings, reduce risk, improve client satisfaction and business performance through greater visibility of Certified Mai®l across your enterprise.

  • Make Certified Mail® preparation easy, reducing costs, and integrate Certified Mail® into your main business processes, via our modern REST APIs.
  • Work with your favorite Print or Mail Service Provider or bring Certified Mail® back in-house to increase flexibility and reduce risk.
  • Accelerate business processes including collections, asset recovery and legal actions based on real time data integration.
  • Improve client satisfaction by leveraging Certified Mail® tracking data to respond to customer inquiries.
Mail Service Providers

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