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Speed up Certified Mail® preparation by eliminating manual forms and postage meters.

  • Now you can print cover sheets for Certified Mail® window envelopes, and labels for Certified Mail® sent in flats and boxes, all from any standard printer. All you need is a SimpleCertified Mail account and the window envelopes and label sheets we provide. You’ll never again fill in USPS forms, print postage through post meters, or drive back and forth to the Post Office just to drop your mail at the counter. Clients report time savings exceeding 80%!
  • Watch the How-To Video No more Green Cards!
Free Certified Mail Window Envelopes from

Get started today!

No setup or monthly fees. No software to install. Perfect for office or home.
If you have questions, call 888-462-1750. 8am-5pm ET. To sign up, click below.

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