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Eliminating manual forms, meters, and trips to the Post Office simplifies the preparation of Certified Mail®.

With, you can log in and quickly print a USPS-approved cover sheet or label, in just seconds, whether you are working from the office or home. If you have many pieces to mail, use the batch process to print cover sheets and labels from addresses maintained in Microsoft® Excel®. eliminates the old-fashioned USPS® Certified Mail® PS3800 receipt and PS3811 Green Card. Postage is printed on your cover sheet or label right from your standard office printer, eliminating the need for postage meters with their high recurring lease fees, ink cartridge costs, and postage refill fees. And our built-in address validation ensures all your addresses are correct before you send out your Certified Mail®.

You then simply fold the cover sheet with your letter, tuck the pages into the USPS approved window envelopes that we provide and mail. Labels are used for flats and boxes.

With, USPS tracking events, plus PDFs for Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery and the Return Receipt (Electronic) with signature, are posted to your account so you have a complete view and record of your Certified Mail®. You can also have Proof of Delivery and Return Receipt (Electronic) emailed to you, and others, automatically.

The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) replaces USPS PS 3800 Receipts, Scan Forms, Manifests and Firm Books, and has been deemed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to satisfy TITLE 26, Subtitle F, CHAPTER 77, Sec. 7502 of the US Treasury Code with “Timely mailing treated as timely filing and paying.”

The Return Receipt (Electronic) is the legal equivalent of the PS3811 (Green Card) as stated in the Domestic Mail Manual. The IRS, State Tax Authorities and Courts have all welcomed the Return Receipt (Electronic) as the legal equivalent of the old-fashioned Green Card as the PDF file can be stored and emailed in PDF form, whereas the Green Card must always be submitted in its original form.

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