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The #1 Certified Mail API Service

Seamlessly integrate USPS Certified Mail service into your
App or platform with our REST API

With the REST API, you can integrate USPS Certified Mail® services along with the ability to print First Class Mail and Priority Mail into your own application.  Services include:

  • Create and purchase labels for Certified Mail, First Class Mail and Priority Mail
  • Get Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) within minutes of first USPS scan of mailpiece
  • Receive Proof of Delivery and Return Receipt Electronic signature info within 24 hours of delivery
  • Download USPS postage and fee data making it easier to allocate mailing costs and seek reimbursement from clients. REST APIs

Download Proof of Mailing, Proof of Delivery and Return Receipt as PDFs
Pull down tracking and delivery information including electronic Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery and Return Receipt all directly into your enterprise applications and/or software platform.

Access your Certified Mail Delivery Data for 10 years
Delivery tracking info along with all PDF documents are stored in our cloud storage center for 10 years.

Join our developer community for API support
The Developer Portal is designed to be a comprehensive resource for developers, partners, and clients to integrate their own software solutions with our services through our REST APIs.  The Developer Portal includes API documentation, an online API tester, support libraries, samples projects and much more.

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