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Certified Mail for Software Platforms

Increase revenue?
Boost lifetime value?
Just add Certified Mail®.

A valuable tool for customers. A new revenue opportunity for you.

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Why Partner with Simple Certified Mail?

Are you a CRM software provider serving industries like legal practice management, self-storage, property management, accounting/tax services, insurance or collections? Then your customers rely on Certified Mail services to send their most important documents. What if they could access those services without ever leaving your software? Now they can with Simple Certified Mail. Simple Certified Mail allows you to add more value for your customers, differentiate from your competition, and create a new revenue opportunity for your company.

Simple Certified Mail
Enhance Customer Value

Seamlessly add the innovative capability of Certified Mail Proof of Delivery, Proof of Acceptance documents to your CRM, providing your users with a holistic solution to manage their crucial client records.

Simple Certified Mail
Boost Revenue

Expand your revenue opportunities by offering an essential service that addresses a real need within your user base. Unlock the potential for a new revenue stream while adding value to your platform.

Simple Certified Mail
Resolve Pain Points

Solve a persistent customer pain point by enabling the integration of superior suite of Certified Mail services. No more lost or misplaced documents, mailing errors, and compliance concerns.

Simple Certified Mail
Differentiate from your Competition

When you offer a service like Certified Mail, you raise the bar on your competition. It elevates the perception of your company’s capabilities, while attracting customers your competition simply can’t serve.

Simple Certified Mail
Streamlined Workflow

Integrate Certified Mail functionality directly into your CRM, enabling users to generate Certified Mail without leaving your application. This streamlines their operations and boosts efficiency.

Simple Certified Mail
Reliability and Legal Compliance

Ensure that your users maintain a high level of reliability and compliance with Federal codes, state statutes, and city ordinances, thanks to the integration of Certified Mail.

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Product integration options

Our Certified Mail API offers a range of integration options, from simple to fully featured, tailored to your customers’ preferences. These include the ability to:

Add Certified Mail Proof Documents to Client Records

Seamlessly incorporate Certified Mail Proof Documents directly into your CRM, enhancing the completeness and reliability of client records.

Match Proofs with Mailed Documents

Enable users to match Certified Mail Proof Documents with their corresponding mailed documents, ensuring data accuracy and compliance.

Merge Proof Documents with Mailed Documents

Streamline record-keeping by allowing users to merge Certified Mail Proof Documents with their mailed documents.

Generate Certified Mail from Within Your Application

Empower users to create Certified Mail directly within your CRM, simplifying their workflows and increasing efficiency.

Explore the potential of this exciting partnership to take your CRM software to the next level, while also providing indispensable benefits to your customers. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can work together to transform your CRM offering.

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