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How the Groups feature makes it easy for clients to manage Certified Mail sent from multiple locations.

The Groups feature in enables businesses with users spread across many locations to centralize management of the Certified Mail software with a single account administrator or to enable regional and/or local account administrators to manage the use of the software in their regions. This enables regional and/or local administrators to add and delete users,…

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Automatic refunds are another unique way that takes care of its clients.

Frequent users of Certified Mail software know that some of the cover sheets and labels they print never make it all the way to the mail stream. Circumstances change, making the mailing of some Certified Mail letters unnecessary. In fact, data collected by highlights that an average of 5.5% of Certified Mail cover sheets and labels…

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How to Make it Easier to Track Certified Mail® got its start in 2005 by creating and gaining USPS approval for the first Certified Mail® cover sheets and labels that included electronic postage and all the tracking barcodes required to send Certified Mail – thus eliminating the need for traditional USPS® Certified Mail forms, postal meters, and trips to the Post Office. The…

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