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How does the Tag feature work in the Address Book?

The “Tag” feature in the Address Book enables you to add a “tag” to address book entries, then “Filter by Tag” to choose from a smaller list. For example, if you have may different IRS and state tax offices in your address book, you can add tags such as “IRS, Ogden”, “IRS, Cincinnati”, “IRS, Louisville”,…

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How long does it take to get started?

It takes 3-5 days from your Sign Up to get started with That’s how long it takes us to send you the initial quantity of Certified Mail envelopes or labels you choose during the Sign-Up process from our warehouse in North Carolina. Also, to fund your initial account balance, whether by ACH or credit…

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How the Groups feature makes it easy for clients to manage Certified Mail sent from multiple locations.

The Groups feature in enables businesses with users spread across many locations to centralize management of the Certified Mail software with a single account administrator or to enable regional and/or local account administrators to manage the use of the software in their regions. This enables regional and/or local administrators to add and delete users,…

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