Certified Mail® Education

USPS makes temporary change to Signature Confirmation due to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 virus, the USPS® has changed the Signature Confirmation process for Certified Mail® sent with Return Receipt (Electronic). Instead of the recipient signing their name on the tablet computer carried by the mail carrier, carriers will keep a safe distance, ask for the recipient’s first initial and last name, enter the…

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How Certified Mail® software helps CPAs manage more efficiently

CPAs have long relied on Certified Mail® to comply with best practices for the on-time filing of taxes and other matters. For many CPAs that means filling out Certified Mail® Receipts and Green Cards by hand, sending the envelopes through the postage meter, heading down to the post office for a Proof of Mailing receipt,…

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Certified Mail® Explained

Most people think of Certified Mail® as mail that comes with a green paper postcard that’s signed by the recipient upon delivery, setting Certified Mail® apart from other sorts of mail. In fact, the “Green Card” is just one option when using Certified Mail®. In this article, we’ll explain the important role Certified Mail® serves…

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