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Mail Service Provider Reduced Certified Mail Prep Time by 80%

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Universal Mailing Services Inc. (“UMS”) is a New Jersey-based Mail Service Provider with a long history of supporting the direct mail needs of various government agencies. In December of 2020, UMS was contracted to assist a municipality with a project that required the daily mailing of Certified Mail® letters.

Problem: Lowering the Time Required to Send Over 1,000 pieces of Certified Mail Each Day

“The initial estimate was a few hundred pieces of Certified Mail per day,” explained Larry Brewer, VP of IT at Universal Mailing Services, “and we were comfortable handling the volume with mailing software we were already using, plus peel and stick labels specific to Certified Mail. But that quickly changed when the volume jumped to more than 1,000 pieces per day and we realized it was taking up to six hours of labor to produce each batch of 500 pieces.”

Solution: Batch Printing Allowed UMS to Print All Certified Mail Labels in One Print Queue

Fortunately, a recommendation from an existing supplier led UMS to’s Batch Process imports addresses from Microsoft® Excel files and prints Certified Mail cover sheets (with the recipient and return address, electronic postage, and Certified Mail barcodes) on standard 8.5” x 11” paper that can be automatically finished in window envelopes using folders and inserters.

This solution met the client’s requirements and eliminated extensive labor requirements being carried out by the UMS staff at the time. UMS also began using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from to simplify their reporting. “Simple Certified has some great APIs,” says Brewer. “So far we have automated the retrieving of our daily production report. I know there are other capabilities, such as automatically retrieving the Electronic Return Receipt. We’ll integrate those capabilities when the current or future clients request them,” explained Brewer.

When asked about any other benefits UMS gained by partnering with, Brewer explained one in particular: “Early in the process, while reconciling the funds we had on account with, it seemed we ought to have less money there based on what we had already mailed. I asked about it and learned that a few pieces were automatically refunded when they were not accepted by the USPS within eight days of preparation.” told us “We want to be good stewards of the process,” said Brewer. “I call it exceptional!

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Getting started is simple. There’s no software to install. No fixed monthly fees. Just a small transaction fee per piece, and we supply the Certified Mail window envelopes at no extra charge. Just tell us how many you need to get started and prefund your account (minimum level of $60). You’ll receive the envelopes in 3-5 days and unused funds are refundable. To sign up, click below. If you have questions, call 888-462-1750. 8am–5pm ET.

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