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County Tax Agency Lowers Labor Costs Using Certified Mail API

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Problem: County Tax Agency Was Struggling to Manage Certified Mail Paper Return Receipt Cards

A large metropolitan county’s tax agency asked their mail service provider (MSP) to look for a way to simplify their Certified Mail process. They wanted to move away from using paper Return Receipt (PS Form 3811) known as "Green Cards" to Return Receipt Electronic, which would eliminate all the issues around receiving and storing the Green Cards.

This led the MSP to conduct a market survey to see what new Certified Mail solutions were being offered in the mailing software market.

As part of their search for an Automated Certified Mail Solution, the MSP reached out to — a company that employs APIs and other web-based technologies to simplify the Certified Mail process for large mailers — to discuss their objectives.

Solution:’s REST API Automates Certified Mail Letter Production presented an API based platform that would eliminate the use of Green Cards as well as automating the preparation, tracking and management of the Certified Mail process.

“ walked us through their API based approach and opened our eyes to a new way of managing Certified Mail” described the Senior Client Relationship Manager at the MSP.

The API Platform helped automate the production of Certified Mail, substantially reducing the time and labor cost associated with Certified Mail. When the MSP sends a list of addresses to the Simple Certified system, the MSP receives in return a PDF file with Certified Mail cover sheets for each address, complete with electronic postage. The MSP prints the cover sheets, automatically matches them with the appropriate letters, folds and inserts, all by machine.

The API also enabled the MSP to pull tracking information - the Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery and the all-important Return Receipt Electronic - right into their systems. In fact, the MSP set up a “self-serve portal” for clients that enabled them to check the status of their Certified Mail jobs in real-time.

REST API Increased MSP’s Bandwidth to Support New Clients Usage of Certified Mail

Harnessing the integration opportunities provided by the Simple Certified Mail API Platform, the MSP’s bandwidth to support new Certified Mail projects has increased, client satisfaction has improved and the MSP’s internal costs have been substantially reduced.

“Our old process was simply archaic. The solutions delivered by have completely modernized and streamlined our services, and we look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.”

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