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Download Product Brochures

Our Certified Mail software will simplify your business mailing operations and lower costs.

Quick 2-Page Brochure
This PDF highlights all our Certified Mail software features. Learn about printing Certified Mail labels and cover sheets, see examples of USPS Proof of Acceptance and Proof of Delivery and view production reports.

Download Software Features PDF

Innovations Brochure
This PDF summarizes all the innovations our company has introduced to the USPS Certified Mail product.  Learn how our “cover sheet” has eliminated the need for PS Form 3800 and PS Form 3811.

Download Innovations PDF

Overview of Service

This PDF provides an overview of the service including the web-based interface, enterprise features for admins, instructions for making cover sheets, batch printing, and integration via REST APIs.

Download Overview of Service PDF

How To Send Certified Mail
This PDF provides a simple overview of the USPS Certified Mail service.  Learn the common uses of Certified Mail, how tracking works, how to receive a signature from the mailpiece recipient, and how online software from makes the whole process more efficient and less expensive.

Download How to Send Certified Mail PDF

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