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Certified Mail software saves towing operators time and money.

If you work in the towing business, you know that state statutes require Certified Mail® to notify vehicle owners, insurance companies, lien holders and the DMV before charging for vehicle storage and auctioning unclaimed vehicles. For towing companies managing Certified Mail,® the old-fashioned way is labor intensive and slow requiring trips to the Post Office and long waits for confirmation that your Certified Mail® letters were received and signed for. simplifies and speeds up the entire process, eliminating the manual USPS forms, postage meters and trips to the Post Office, saving money on USPS fees and enabling you to move your processes ahead much faster. You can even generate Certified Mail® direct from your favorite towing management software provided that the two software platforms have been linked via APIs. 

Simplifies the preparation of Certified Mail® eliminates the Certified Mail® PS 3800 and PS 3811 paper forms, postage meters and trips to the Post Office to drop off your Certified Mail®. 

Just log in to from any browser, enter the recipient’s address information into the online form, and print Certified Mail® cover sheets, including electronic postage and the USPS Certified Mail® barcodes, right from your regular office printer. Fold the cover sheet and letter into a Certified Mail® window envelope we provide, then leave for your mail carrier or drop in any mailbox.  The whole process takes just about one minute per piece. If you have many pieces to send, the Batch Process enables you to print cover sheets direct from Excel spreadsheets, reducing the prep time per letter to approximately 30 seconds.  

Image of all 3 certified mail envelope sizes
Certified Mail® envelopes are supplied in #10, 6”x 9” and 9” x 12” sizes

Faster Proof of Mailing and Proof of Delivery.

You’ll receive a Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) PDF file within hours of mailing your Certified Mail® letter, soon after the letter receives its first outbound scan at a USPS facility. This eliminates the stamped PS 3800 form you used to get at the Post Office. The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) is accepted by state and federal courts as prima facia evidence that the Postal Service physically took possession of your mail.

Image of Certified Mail Proof of Acceptance doc and Return Receipt Electronic
The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) and Return Receipt (Electronic)

If you need a Return Receipt to prove the Certified Mail® letter was delivered, that’s easier too. posts the Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) to your account within 24 hours of your mail piece being delivered, saving you from waiting days for the old-fashioned Green Card to be returned through the mail stream after it is signed. The RRE is the Postal Service’s digital alternative to the Green Card and is accepted as the legal equivalent by State and Federal Courts. 

Automatic On-Line Record Retention for 10 Years

All tracking data, Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) and the Return Receipt (Electronic) PDF files are stored in your online account for 10 years and can be downloaded at any time.

Visibility of Your Mailing Costs keeps track of all costs for you in a databased accessed from your online account. You can sort the data in Microsoft Excel making it easy to seek reimbursement for your Certified Mail® expenses when it is appropriate.

Works with all popular browsers. Easy to integrate with towing software platforms

You access from any of the most popular Internet browsers.’s key services can also be integrated into towing specific software via APIs. Either way, you have the option of producing the Certified Mail® pieces at your office or outsourcing the Certified Mail®, freeing your staff to focus on other matters. And if you’re interested in a simpler way to send regular First Class letters from your office , has a solution for those letters too, whether printed at your location or outsourced.

No Sign-Up Fees or Recurring License Fees

The cost of our service is simple: You only pay for what you use. No fees to sign up and no recurring subscription fees. You pay a single price for each piece of Certified Mail® prepared and mailed with our software. The price covers the postage and Certified Mail® fees from the USPS, our cost of service, and the Certified Mail® window envelopes we provide to you. You’ll save money on every Certified Mail® piece you prepare and mail. You’ll have time to work on other important projects. And the internal processes that rely on the mailing of Certified Mail® will move ahead much faster. 

If you have any questions, contact us toll-free at 888-462-1750 or by email.
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