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How Production Reports help manage Certified Mail® costs

Many organizations that process their mail through postal meters in a mailroom don’t have an easy way to measure what they are spending on Certified Mail. This makes it challenging to allocate expenses correctly among departments and very difficult to bill the expenses back to clients when appropriate. This is a missed opportunity that doesn’t need to be so. keeps a record of all your Certified Mail transactions in your account for ten years. It’s easy to export the file to Microsoft Excel where you can sort it by any one or more of the following 21criteria:

Acceptance Date
Acceptance Details
Recipient Name
Company Name
Date Created
Date Mailed
Mail Type
USPS Item Number
Delivery Date
Cost of Service
Cost Code
Item ID
Signature Doc

You’ll be able to classify the expenses in ways that make measuring and managing much easier. In addition, if you use this information to seek reimbursement, your Clients will appreciate the detail you provide them.

Making it easy to see exactly what you are spending on Certified Mail and easier to detail those expenses for clients is just one of many ways that improves the Certified Mail process.

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