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Need to prepare and mail a batch of Certified Mail® letters quickly? Now it’s easy!

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Mail Service Providers (MSPs) have always thrived on their ability to handle large mailings with short notice. Except when it comes to Certified Mail®.

The manual labor required to prepare Certified Mail letters with manual forms from the USPS and other vendors has meant that mailings take many hours to prepare, with the labor cost per item matching the cost of the postage and USPS fees. And then there’s the labor required to manage the Proof of Mailing Receipts and Proof of Delivery Green Cards when they return, resending Certified letters when no Green Card comes back, storing the Green Cards, and eventually transferring the receipts and Green Cards to the client.

Online software now makes Certified Mail batches quick and easy to process.

Fortunately, the SimpleCertified™ web-based platform reduces the labor required for Certified Mail projects, often by more than 80%. The Batch Process Wizard imports addresses from Microsoft® Excel files and returns Certified Mail cover sheets (with the recipient and return addresses, electronic postage, and Certified Mail barcodes) in a PDF file that can be printed quickly on standard 8.5” x 11” paper. The cover sheets can then be automatically matched to the Certified letters and finished in window envelopes using automatic folders and inserters.

Importantly, the Batch Process Wizard can be used to send Certified Mail letters and boxes addressed to the IRS and state tax authorities without using a street address or P.O. Box.

MSPs with experience integrating with APIs can automate the uploading of address files to the SimpleCertified™ platform and receive back a PDF file with Certified Mail cover sheets, for printing and finishing. The APIs also enable MSPs to download USPS tracking data, and the electronic Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery and signed Return Receipt. Many MSPs then combine this information with the original letter and address into a PDF file that is pushed directly to their client’s accounts.

Process Certified Mail® batches with ease while delighting your customers.

With the SimpleCertified™ Batch Processing and API features, Mail Service Providers can now turn around Certified Mail projects of any size with ease and a new level of effectiveness, creating a new line of business while delighting customers.

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