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How Batch Processing and APIs automate Certified Mail® for Mail Service Providers

mail bin containing certified mail

Mail Service Providers (MSPs) have long been challenged by the high costs of processing Certified Mail™ jobs, as well as managing Proof of Acceptance and Proof of Delivery (Green Cards) for their clients. For many, their internal costs can match the USPS postage and Certified Mail fees on a piece-by-piece basis. helps Mail Service Providers reduce Certified Mail costs by up to 80% while providing MSPs and their clients fast access to Proof of Acceptance and Proof of Delivery in an electronic format that is easy to archive and retrieve.

Preparation Simplified – No Manual Labor Required.

MSPs using our REST APIs or Batch Processing features to automate the uploading of address files to the SimpleCertified™ Platform and receive back a PDF file with Certified Mail cover sheets matching each address in the file, complete with electronic postage. This enables the cover sheets to be automatically matched with corresponding letters, printed, folded, and inserted into Certified Mail window envelopes, with no manual touchpoints.

No 10 Window Envelope -
The cover sheet in a #10 Window Envelope

Tracking Simplified – Electronic Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery, and Return Receipt all posted automatically.

An Electronic Proof of Acceptance (PDF file) is available soon after the Certified letter receives its first scan at any outbound facility. It is accepted by state and federal courts, and the IRS, as prima facia evidence that the Post Office took possession of the mail piece at a specific date and time.

Instead of waiting a week or more for Green Cards to return to your office, the USPS Return Receipt Electronic is available within 24 hours of delivery! The Return Receipt Electronic carries the same legal status as the Green Card. And since mailers are sometimes unable to recognize the recipient from the signature or USPS item number, we add a box in the lower center of the form with the recipient’s name, address and any text the mailer has added to the “Reference” field in the software before mailing. A good example is an accounting firm adding 2021 State Tax Return to the reference field, making it easier to identify what was mailed in this specific Certified Mail envelope once the Return Receipt Electronic is received. 

Certified Mail not requiring a signature confirmation receive a Proof of Delivery Electronic (PDF file), also within 24 hours. It provides the Certified Mail ID, the recipients name and address, the date the piece was delivered, and any text the mailer has added to the Reference field when creating the piece . For mailers that rely most on the Proof of Acceptance for compliance, having the Proof of Delivery Electronic completes the mailing record.

All three PDF files, along with the USPS tracking information for each mail piece, are retained in your account for 10 years and can be accessed and printed by authorized users at any time.

Certified Mail Proof of Acceptance
Sample PDFs for Electronic Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery, and Return Receipt

With APIs, the Electronic Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery, and USPS Return Receipt Electronic PDF files can all be requested from the platform, then combined by the mailer with the initial correspondence into a single PDF file that is automatically pushed to the MSP’s clients, or posted to a portal the MSP manages for its clients to check the status of their mailings. Managing these electronic files is a big improvement compared to the old-fashioned methods for storing Green Cards, PS-3800 forms, and Firm Books.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2021 and has been republished with updated information.

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