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How Certified Mail® software makes operations run more smoothly for many law firms.

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Law firms often use Certified Mail® to confirm to state and federal laws requiring Proof of Acceptance and/or Proof of Delivery for items sent via the United States Postal Service. For many this means visiting the Post Office to get a stamped PS-3800 receipt, waiting for signed Green Cards to be returned, then storing the stamped receipts and signed Green Cards for years in case proof of acceptance or delivery is ever questioned. These manual processes don’t suit today’s requirement for more speed and efficiency. As a result law firms are switching to Certified Mail® software to modernize the process.

For example, users’s web-based software have the Return Receipt Electronic (“RRE”), the USPS’s digital alternative to the old-fashioned Green Card, posted to their account within 24 hours of the postal carrier delivering the Certified Mail® piece. This eliminates Green Cards altogether.

Image of the Return Receipt Electronic
USPS® Return Receipt Electronic

There are many other benefits to adopting Certified Mail® software.

Easier Preparation of Certified Mail:

With, the cumbersome process of filling out Certified Mail forms is eliminated. You simply log in, enter the recipient’s address in an online form, and print a USPS-approved cover sheet or label for each Certified Mail® letter – complete with electronic postage – from your standard office printer. You then drop your Certified Mail® letters in any mailbox or leave them for your mail carrier to pick up during their normal stop at your office.

Image of Certified Mail envelope and label
A Certified Mail® envelope and package, each ready to mail

Proof of Acceptance without visiting the Post Office: posts a Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) PDF file to your account for every Certified Mail letter mailed, soon after the letters receive their first outbound scan at a USPS facility. The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) is accepted as prima facia evidence that the Post Office physically took possession of your mail on a specific date and at a specific time. 

The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic)

An online record of your Mailing Expenses : keeps a record of the costs you incur for each Certified Mail item, making it easier to seek reimbursement from clients, when appropriate.

Tracking data is stored in your account for 10 years:

Records of each Certified Mail letter you send, including USPS tracking data, Proof of Acceptance (Electronic), Proof of Delivery and the Return Receipt (Electronic) are automatically stored in your account for ten years and can be view and downloaded at any time. 

No Up-Front Costs or Commitments:

There are no up-front costs, contracts or maintenance fees with You pay a small transaction fee for each Certified Mail letter mailed with the assistance of the software, and your costs will be less than what you pay for mailing Certified Mail with Green Cards today.

There are many more reasons to switch to web-based Certified Mail® software. Click here to learn more.
Or if you have any questions, you can contact us toll-free 888-462-1750 or by email.
If you are ready to sign up click here. There is no charge to set up an account.

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