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Now it’s easy to seek reimbursement for Certified Mail® expenses incurred on your client’s behalf

Image of a Simple Certified Mail production report on a laptop.

We find many Certified Mail® users don’t have an easy way to seek reimbursement from their clients for Certified Mail® sent on their behalf.  This despite the fact they may be spending thousands of dollars monthly on Certified Mail. Most often, these businesses are preparing Certified Mail® using postage meters with limited reporting capabilities and don’t have staff with enough time to put together a monthly analysis of Certified Mail use by client or reference number.

Fortunately there is a simple way. uses electronic postage and keeps an online record of all the postage and Certified Mail® fees incurred by your office for each Certified Mail you plan to mail. To calculate the Certified Mail® expenses incurred on behalf of specific clients you simply download a production report in Microsoft Excel format, and sort the report by client. That makes it easy to provide your clients with a detailed accounting of the money you spent on their behalf, and receive reimbursement.

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