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Six reasons many law firms are turning to Certified Mail® software to make operations run more smoothly.

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Law firms that rely on Certified Mail® as part of asset recovery, claims and other processes have to meet strict archival requirements in case an important document’s Proof of Delivery is called into question. For many, this means waiting anxiously for signed Green Cards to be returned, and then storing the Green Cards for months or years in case Proof of Delivery ever needs to be proved.

These manual processes are a hold over from decades ago. They don’t suit today’s requirement for more speed and efficiency and the need to work from the office and from home. As a result, more and more law firms use online Certified Mail® software. For example, delivers the signed USPS Return Receipt (Electronic), the universally accepted alternative to the old-fashioned Green Card, to your online account within 24 hours of the postal carrier delivering the Certified Mail® letter and stores it in your account for ten years. This eliminates waiting for Green Cards to be returned, eliminates the need to file the Green Cards for months or years, and eliminates the all too often “we can’t find the Green Card panic”.

There are many other benefits to adopting the software.

Elimination of Paper Forms

With, you no longer have the hassle of filling out the USPS PS 3800 and PS 3811 forms, attaching these forms to your envelope, applying postage with a postage meter, and dropping off your Certified Mail® at the Post Office. Instead, you simply log in via your browser and print out a USPS-approved cover sheet or label for each Certified Mail® letter – complete with electronic postage – then drop your Certified Mail® in any mailbox or leave it for your mail carrier to pick up.

Expedited USPS Confirmations

Instead of waiting a week or more for Green Cards to return to the office, you will receive a Return Receipt (Electronic) PDF within 24 hours of delivery. Such expedited confirmation helps move projects ahead more quickly. And eliminates the need to go to the office just to pick up Green Cards.

Expense Tracking and Management keeps an accurate record of the costs you incur for each Certified Mail® item, making it possible to seek reimbursement from clients when it is appropriate.

10 Year Storage

Records of each Certified Mail® item, including USPS tracking data and confirmations, is automatically stored in your account for up to 10 years. Since the Return Receipt (Electronic) is accepted as a valid form of verification by the IRS, State and Federal Courts, and government agencies, you can easily transmit the PDF of your receipt, along with a validated “original signature,” to any judicial body as needed.

No Monthly Commitment

There are no subscription fees, contracts, monthly premiums, hidden surcharges, or maintenance fees with You only pay a small transaction fee for each Certified Mail letter mailed with the assistance of this software. We even provide window envelopes. If you ever become dissatisfied with our service, you can terminate the service with no strings attached.

There are many reasons to switch to web-based Certified Mail® software.
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