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Certified Mail’s important role in the medical debt collection process.

Certified Mail® plays an important role in the account receivables process used by hospitals and other healthcare providers to collect medical debt. More than 20 states have passed laws requiring that Final Demand Notices and other debt collection notices be sent via USPS Certified Mail to ensure a consistent and pre-approved method for communicating with debtors.

A recent example is Nevada bill SB248, a June 2021 law requiring that “Not less than 60 days before taking any action to collect a medical debt, a collection agency shall send by Registered or Certified Mail holder a Final Demand Notice…”

For medical debt collection specialists Certified Mail presents a challenge and an opportunity. The traditional way to prepare Certified Mail (filling out Green Cards, dropping the mail off at the Post Office, waiting for the Green Cards to be returned, and storing the Green Cards in case the delivery of the Final Demand Notice is challenged must be proved in a legal dispute) is labor intensive and costly, resulting in the true cost of Certified Mail being much more than what is spent on USPS postage and fees.

Fortunately, can reduce the cost and complexities of preparing and managing Certified Mail for Healthcare companies

Integration with services via APIs, leads to the automatic uploading of address files to the SimpleCertified™ Platform, and the return back to the mailer of PDF files containing Certified Mail® cover sheets matching each address in the file, complete with electronic postage. The mailer can automatically match the cover sheet with the appropriate letter, then print, fold, and insert into Certified Mail window envelopes, all with no manual touch points.

A Proof of Acceptance Electronic for each mail piece is available soon after the Certified Mail letter receives its acceptance scan at an outbound facility. The USPS Return Receipt Electronic is available within 24 hours of delivery.

Mailers can combine the mailed letter with the Proof of Acceptance and Return Receipt Electronic into a single PDF file, greatly simplifying record keeping for their healthcare clients.

Importantly, the USPS tracking number, USPS postage cost and cost of service are also appended to the record returned to the mailer via the APIs.

Most mailers report that saves them more than 80% of the time and labor previously devoted to the process of sending Final Demand Notices via Certified Mail, while making it much easier to ensure the legal statutes are being followed correctly.

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