Five ways online Certified Mail® software makes using Certified Mail faster and easier

Certified Mail® plays an important role in business and legal affairs when the mailer needs official USPS verification that their mail was mailed and/or delivered. In fact, approximately 190 million pieces of Certified Mail are sent each year in the United States.

For many users, however, the process of preparing Certified Mail, tracking its progress and storing the USPS receipts and delivery confirmations is tedious, time consuming and out of synch with the modern business practices and the digitization of important files. 

Fortunately, online Certified Mail® software from employs web services and electronic postage to make Certified Mail® much simpler, faster and more efficient. Here are 5 ways:

1. Saves time by eliminating the old-fashioned Post Office forms and postage meters from the process.

Just login, enter the recipient address in the online form or import from Microsoft Excel and select the type of Certified Mail you are sending. Enter the number of pages or weight of the mail piece. Then print Certified Mail® cover sheets or labels, including electronic postage, right from your office printer. No more PS3800 or PS3811 forms to fill in by hand. No need to lease expensive postage meters. 

2. Saves time by eliminating trips to the Post Office to get receipts proving USPS acceptance of your Certified Mail®.

A Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) PDF file is posted in your account for each mail piece sent, soon after the letters receive their first outbound scan at a USPS facility. The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) has been deemed by the IRS to satisfy their requirement for “timely mailing treated as timely filing and paying.” 

3. Eliminates waiting for Green Cards to be returned and filing them for years. posts the Return Receipt Electronic (“RRE”) in your account within 24 hours of the mail carrier delivering your Certified Mail item and receiving a signature. The RRE is the Postal Service’s digital alternative to the original Green Card. It carries the same legal status, is stored in your account for 10 years, and can be downloaded and printed at any time. No more waiting for Green Cards to return via the mail. No more storing Green Cards in file cabinets and struggling to find them at a later time.

4. Makes it easy to track what your business spends on Certified Mail® and seek reimbursement from clients when appropriate. keeps a record of what you are spending on Certified Mail, downloadable in Microsoft® Excel format. This makes it easy to allocate these costs to the right department, legal matter, and so forth. And it makes it easier to seek reimbursement from clients as you can provide them with a worksheet showing the Certified Mail spending you incurred on their behalf.

5. Enables enterprise clients to set a standard process for preparing and managing Certified Mail® that is shared across all their offices. was designed to work across an enterprise with dozens or hundreds of offices.

There are many reasons to switch to web-based Certified Mail® software.

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