How to send Certified Mail® from home. No trips to the Post Office required.

It’s good to know that it is now easy to send Certified Mail® from your home, without requiring the traditional USPS® forms, a postage meter and trips to the Post Office to get a stamped receipt. 

Just log in to® from any Internet browser, enter the recipient’s name and address into the online form, and print Certified Mail® cover sheets, including electronic postage, right from your regular desktop printer. Fold the cover sheet and letter into a windowed Certified Mail envelope provided by It all takes about one minute per piece, far less than the 5 minutes or more it takes to prepare Certified Mail the old way. If you have many pieces to send and the names and addresses in a Microsoft Excel file, the Batch Process prints cover sheets direct from Excel, reducing the prep time per letter to approximately 30 seconds. Once complete, just leave the finished mail pieces in your mail box for the mail carrier. Or drop in any USPS mail box if there is one close by.

Image of all 3 certified mail envelope sizes
Certified Mail® envelopes are supplied in #10, 6”x 9” and 9” x 12” sizes.

You’ll receive a Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) PDF file a few hours after the mail has been picked up, soon after the letters receive their first outbound scan at a USPS® facility. This eliminates the stamped PS3800 form you used to get at the Post Office. The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) is accepted by state and federal courts as prima facia evidence that the Post Office physically took possession of your mail on a specific date. So there’s no reason to visit the Post Office again.

Image of Certified Mail Proof of Acceptance doc and Return Receipt Electronic
The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) and Return Receipt (Electronic)

If you need a signed Return Receipt to prove the Certified Mail® letter was delivered, that is easier too. posts the Return Receipt Electronic (“RRE”) in your account within 24 hours of the mail carrier delivering your item. The RRE is the Postal Service’s digital alternative to the original Green Card. This PDF file (shown on the right in the image above) carries the same legal status as the Green Card, is stored in your account for 10 years and can be downloaded and printed at any time. No more storing Green Cards in file cabinets and struggling to find them at a later time.

The service is accessible from all the most popular Internet browsers. There’s no charge to sign up, and no monthly or annual fee to use the service. Just a small transaction fee added to each piece of Certified Mail when you use the service. We even send you packs of window envelopes specifically for Certified Mail® in several sizes, as you need them, and for no extra charge. You’ll actually save money on every Certified Mail piece you prepare and mail, compared to the old-fashioned method of using Green Cards. And that is before you consider the time saved by not driving to the Post Office and waiting in line. It’s a game changer!

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