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Sending Certified Mail® online

Certified Mail® will never transition into a fully online service, what with the need for USPS confirmations of Acceptance, Delivery and Signatures. However web-based software makes it far easier to prepare Certified Mail while enabling mailers to receive the USPS Proof of Acceptance without visiting the Post Office, receive the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) within 24 hours of their Certified Mail being delivered, and manage all the data from their Certified Mail, including postage expenses, in an online account.

Why Use Certified Mail Software?

Certified Mail software makes great use of the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic), the digital replacement for the Green Card that is universally accepted by the IRS, State and Federal Courts, and government agencies as the legal equivalent of the Green Card. The RR(E) has two significant advantages over Green Cards:

  1. As an electronic file downloadable for the USPS web site, the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) eliminates Green Cards getting lost on their way back to the originator after being delivered and signed.
  2. As an electronic PDF file, any print of the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) is admissible as the legal equivalent of the Green Card. In contrast, only the original Green Card can be used to prove delivery with a recipient’s signature, thus requiring mailers to file original Green Cards, often for many years.

For more information on the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic), visit the USPS FAQ.

Mailers benefit in many ways when they move to web-based Certified Mail® software such as

  1. Mailers create Certified Mail cover sheets and labels right at their desktop, enabling them to choose the Return Receipt (Electronic) for their Certified Mail items with the click of a mouse. There are no manual USPS forms to fill out, and no trips to the Post Office.
  2. Postage meters are no longer used, because the Certified Mail software prints electronic postage and USPS barcodes right onto the Certified Mail cover sheets and labels. The costs of renting postal meters and buying supplies for those meters is eliminated.
  3. Clients automatically receive the Return Receipt (Electronic) in their account within 24 hours of their Certified Mail piece being delivered, thus enabling them to move legal processes forward much faster. Users never need to type tracking numbers into
  4. double-confirms that the RR(E) is accurate by comparing the return and delivery zip codes to confirm the difference between a delivered piece of mail and an incorrectly recorded returned piece of mail.
  5. The Return Receipt (Electronic) is stored on servers for ten years and can be downloaded by clients at any time.
  6. Scan Forms, Firm Books and Manifests are no longer needed. With, clients receive a Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) within a few hours of the mail being picked up, soon after the piece receives its first outbound scan.
  7. All the USPS fees are retained in the client’s account, making it easy for clients to seek reimbursement from their clients when it is appropriate.
  8. Batch Processing features make it easy to send dozens, hundreds and thousands of pieces, from address lists in Microsoft Excel. The services can also be integrated into most Enterprise applications via our REST APIs.

There are many more reasons to switch to web-based Certified Mail software. Click here to learn more.   Or if you have any questions, you can contact us toll-free or by email.   If you are ready to sign up click here. There is no charge to set up an account.

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