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How Certified Mail Software Makes it Easier to Track Certified Mail® is a web-based software platform that makes tracking Certified Mail much simpler and faster for any size mailer, whether sending Certified Mail® pieces one at a time, or by the tens of thousands.

The process begins with printing Certified Mail cover sheets from any standard office printer, complete with electronic postage and the USPS barcodes required to track Certified Mail (see image below). Fold and insert the cover sheets into the USPS approved window envelopes we provide, along with your letters. Then simply drop your Certified Mail letters in any USPS Mailbox or leave them for your Mail Carrier to pick up. No more need to visit the Post Office.

You Receive Electronic Proof of Acceptance within hours of mailing your Certified Mail – no PS3800, Scan Forms, Firm Books, Manifests and Post Office visits required!

A Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) PDF file (see image below) for each Certified Mail piece is posted to your account soon after the letter receives its first outbound scan at a USPS facility. This PDF file is accepted by state and federal courts as prima facia evidence that the Postal Service physically took possession of your mail. It also eliminates the need to bring your Certified Mail to the Post Office counter in order to get a stamped PS 3800 form, or to use Scan Forms, Firm Books, and Manifests for higher volumes of Certified Mail.

Once your mail pieces are in the mail stream, captures the USPS tracking events as your mail pieces make their way through the USPS network, and displays the most relevant information in its Delivery Information screen.

For Certified Mail Requiring Proof of Delivery with a Signature, the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) is posted to your account within 24 hours, eliminating the inconveniences of using Green Cards.

The Return Receipt (Electronic) is the Postal Service’s electronic alternative to the PS 3811 Green Card, with the same legal standing as the PS 3811 Green Card, just much more convenient. The PDF file is posted to your account within 24 hours of the Mail Carrier delivering your Certified Mail letter and receiving a signature from the recipient. It is stored in your account for 10 years, and can be downloaded to your own server, and printed at any time. In addition, a box on the form contains the Recipient’s name, address and any reference text you entered before sending the Certified letter providing a match of the Certified Mail item number to the Addressee.

The Return Receipt (Electronic) eliminates filling out Green Cards by hand and waiting days for Green Cards to come back after mailing your Certified letters. It eliminates the risk that Green Cards get lost in the mail, requiring a second Certified Mail letter to be sent. And of course it means no stuffing file cabinets and closets with Green Cards, and having to hold on to them for years.

For Certified Mail pieces not requiring a signature, you receive a Proof of Delivery (Electronic) PDF file, also within 24 hours.

The Proof of Delivery (Electronic) PDF file provides the city, state, time and date the Certified Mail® piece was delivered. It is posted to your account within 24 hours to make sure you have a full tracking history, Acceptance and Delivery, for every mail piece. (See sample below.)

Importantly, the Delivery Information screen in the online software enables you to search for specific mail pieces, and groups of mail pieces. Your search options include: Recipient Name, Sender Name, Tracking Number, Reference, Date Created Between, Date Received Between, Ten Day Report, and Undelivered Report.

Making it easier and more efficient to track your Certified Mail® is just one of the ways that improves every step of the preparation and management of Certified Mail®. To learn more, visit or give us a call at 1-888-462-1750.

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