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How digitization drives demand for web-based Certified Mail® software

As businesses continue to seek ways to improve regulatory compliance, customer relations and internal efficiency, we have seen first-hand how the move to digitize business processes is leading to changes in the way Certified Mail is prepared and managed.

We recently attended meetings with leading financial institutions and professional service firms. In each case, the firm had already digitized many operations, yet the mail room was lagging behind. Certified Mail was still sent using manual USPS forms and Green Cards were still being filed in file cabinets. Internal cost analysis at each firm pegged the real cost of using Certified Mail to be at least twice the fees charged by the USPS, often much more.

It was gratifying to discuss how web-based Certified Mail technology could eliminate manual forms, postage meters, Scan Forms, Manifests, Firm Books and file cabinets filled with Green Cards.

We discussed how web based Certified Mail technology makes newer USPS technologies such as the Return Receipt (Electronic) and PC Postage™ accessible to businesses and leads to improved efficiency and lower costs.

These firms confirmed that Receiving Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) within hours of the first Post Office outbound scan, and the Return Receipt (Electronic) within 24 hours of the Certified Mail letters being delivered, were both huge improvements in efficiency. The same was true for the online record of all expenses associated with sending each mail piece. Finally, visibility on what’s being spent on Certified Mail, and the ability to bill it back to clients when appropriate.

By integrating APIs from, several firms will automate the preparation of their Certified Mail and automatically post the Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) and Return Receipt (Electronic) to appropriate client files.

These were useful meetings. A testament to how simple it is today to automate much of the Certified Mail process, with great benefits to Certified Mail users and the USPS itself.

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