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Certified Mail® software for accounting firms

Once upon a time, filing income taxes and sales taxes for your clients meant you had to rely on the U.S. Postal Service to deliver your mail on or before the due date to comply with regulations regarding on-time filing. Changes in tax code and technology have made compliance much easier for accounting firms. Current United States tax code (26 U.S.C. 7502) allows you to substitute proof of “timely mailing” for “timely filing and paying,” taking all the stress out of knowing whether or not your clients’ matter made it to the IRS in time. 

Many accounting firms throughout the nation, including two of the “Big Four,” have turned to Simple Certified® , online software that provides them with a Proof of Acceptance (Electronic), a PDF form that provides the City, State, Time and Date the USPS acknowledges possession of the item. The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) has been held as the legal equivalent of the PS 3800 Certified Mail Receipt or PS3877 Firm Book, with a Red Date stamp. A Proof of Delivery (Electronic) is also automatically posted to the accounting firm’s online account, and for firms that also want the signature of the recipient, the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic), the legal equivalent to the PS3811 Green Card is posted to firm’s account. All these digital records are saved to the online account for 10 years and can be downloaded anytime.

In addition to providing on-time filing for your clients, Certified Mail software for accounting firms offers the following benefits.

Simplification of the Mailing Process

With Certified Mail® software, you can eliminate many of the steps you need to mail your clients’ matter to the IRS. You don’t have to use a meter and you don’t have to manually complete the USPS Receipt and Green Card forms. Instead, you can sign into the platform and print a USPS-approved cover sheet or label from your home or office printer in seconds.

Increased Speed and Accuracy

If you choose to use Certified Mail® software, the days of waiting for return Green Cards from the USPS are over. Once the item is delivered, the platform posts a .pdf version of the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) to your account and sends an email to you and others you designate within 24 hours of delivery. Not only is this faster, but the accuracy of Certified Mail® software has prompted the IRS, state and federal courts, and other government entities to accept the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) as a Green Card equivalent. 

Reduces Costs of Doing Business

It costs you or your firm loads of extra money to manually send in income and sales taxes returns. Using Certified Mailing software through provides the following cost-saving benefits

  • No postage meters and associated lease fees
  • No envelopes—you use USPS approved envelopes
  • No software to buy
  • No setup fees or license fees
  • No minimum charges; you only pay when you send a piece of Certified Mail®
  • Less expensive postal charges for high volume users
  • Mail from the office or home.

Environmentally Friendly

More and more consumers and clients want to do business with green and sustainable companies, or at least with those who are environmentally conscious. By using a web-based Certified Mail® software program, not only do you eliminate all the extra paper waste from USPS Receipt and Green Card forms, but you can also eliminate any hard copies of files you keep for your archives. offers 10 years of archival information which including USPS tracking data and confirmations. 

User Friendly

Change can be scary for businesses, especially when you have a system in place. Web-based, user-friendly Certified Mail® software allows users to access the platform from their favorite internet browser, sign in, and use the service. Enterprise accounts can integrate the software with their main business applications via REST APIs. Additionally, firms with multiple offices and many clients, can easily manage and track expenses from one location, allowing for more accurate billing which also includes extra detail your clients will appreciate.

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