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How Certified Mail® software helps CPAs manage more efficiently

CPAs have long relied on Certified Mail® to comply with best practices for the on-time filing of taxes and other matters.

For many CPAs that means filling out Certified Mail® Receipts and Green Cards by hand, sending the envelopes through the postage meter, heading down to the post office for a Proof of Mailing receipt, waiting for signed Green Cards to be returned, and storing those Green Cards in case they are needed to prove timely filing sometime in the future. That’s a labor-intensive process that is out of sync with the desire of CPAs to streamline operations and digitize their records. And it doesn’t work at all for employees working from home.

Image of USPS Certified Mail forms 3800 and 3811
The USPS PS 3800 Certified Mail® Receipt and PS 3811 Return Receipt

Fortunately, there is a much easier way.

Easier Preparation:

With web-based software, you print cover sheets or labels, complete with electronic postage and USPS® IMpb tracking barcodes, in less than 30 seconds, from your home or office computer. Then you simply leave the Certified Mail® for your Mail Carrier to pick up or drop in any USPS Mail Box. No more old-fashioned USPS forms. No need to use expensive and inconvenient postage meters. And no more trips to the Post Office.

Image of Certified Mail envelope and label
A Certified Mail® envelope and package, each ready to mail.

No More Trips to the Post Office for Proof of Acceptance/Mailing:

For most CPAs, Proof of Acceptance, also known as Proof of Mailing, is more important than Proof of Delivery. posts an electronic Proof of Acceptance (a PDF file) to your account for every Certified Mail® letter sent, within hours of mailing, right after the mail piece receives its first outbound scan at a USPS facility. As shown below, the Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) provides the city, state, date and time the USPS acknowledges possession of the item. This file is stored in your account for 10 years and can be downloaded and printed at any time.

The Proof of Acceptance (Electronic)

The electronic Proof of Acceptance is accepted as prima facia evidence that the Post Office physically took possession of the Certified Mail® piece. It has been deemed by the IRS to satisfy TITLE 26, Subtitle F, CHAPTER 77, Sec. 7502 of the US Treasury Code for: “Timely mailing treated as timely filing and paying.”

Receive the Signed Return Receipt within 24 Hours of Delivery:

For those CPAs that also require a signed Return Receipt to prove delivery of their Certified Mail® letters, posts the USPS Return Receipt Electronic (“RRE”) to your account within 24 hours of the Mail Carrier delivering the Certified Mail® letter.

USPS® Return Receipt Electronic (“RRE)

With the RRE, the recipient’s signature, time, and date of delivery are captured by the Mail Carrier on a tablet computer and turned into an office USPS® document. Plus adds the recipient’s complete address in a box along the lower edge of the RRE.

No more waiting up to a week for a signed Green Card to be returned and worrying that some might be lost on the way back. The Return Receipt (Electronic) is accepted by the IRS, state tax authorities and courts as the legal equivalent to the Green Card, in electronic or printed format. It remains in your account for ten years and can be copied to your own server at any time.


A large number of accounting firms, ranging from small firms to the Big 4, use to improve their management of Certified Mail® and reduce associated costs.

We hope you found this information to be helpful. To learn more, watch our video to see how our web-based Certified Mail® software simplifies your preparation and management of Certified Mail®, lowers your postage fees and labor costs, and provides you with much faster receipt of Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery, and the signed Return Receipt (Electronic)

Watch to See How Works

There are many reasons to switch to web-based Certified Mail® software.
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