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How Certified Mail® software saves Property Managers time and money.

Property Managers use Certified Mail® to deliver important notices to tenants, such as notices of overdue rent, fines, lease violations, terminations, and evictions. This is because Certified Mail® is a cost-efficient way to deliver these notices, and the Proof of Mailing (Acceptance) and Proof of Delivery provided by Certified Mail® satisfy the legal requirements detailed…

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How Government Agencies Use Certified Mail®

Government Agencies

Certified Mail® is a mail service from the United States Postal Service (USPS) that provides proof of mailing as well as proof of delivery. The service is used by individuals, businesses, and government entities at the local, state, and federal levels. In this blog post, we will discuss some key reasons why government entities use…

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Why Insurance Companies use Certified Mail® software to streamline their operations and provide better service to policyholders.


Certified Mail® is a service offered by the United States Postal Service that provides proof of mailing and delivery for important or legally sensitive documents. Certified Mail® is widely used in the insurance industry to ensure the secure and timely delivery of important documents, such as policy documents, claims, and other information. How Certified Mail…

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How Certified Mail Software Makes it Easier to Track Certified Mail® is a web-based software platform that makes tracking Certified Mail® much simpler and faster for any size mailer, whether sending Certified Mail® pieces one at a time, or by the tens of thousands. The process begins with printing Certified Mail® cover sheets from any standard office printer, complete with electronic postage and the USPS…

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