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Benefits of Using Certified Mail to Send Tax Returns

Your tax return is one of the most important items you’ll mail all year. Not only do tax forms need to be filled out properly and accurately, they also need to be mailed on time. Failing to file on time can lead to fees and penalties – up to 5% per month. While e-filing has…

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Examples of Certified Mail

The role of USPS Certified Mail for important document delivery What is Certified Mail®, who uses it and why? This article will familiarize you with Certified Mail and provides examples of how business owners use the mail service for important document delivery. Let’s start with the basics. What is Certified Mail Used For? Certified Mail…

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How does the Tag feature work in the Address Book?

The “Tag” feature in the Address Book enables you to add a “tag” to address book entries, then “Filter by Tag” to choose from a smaller list. For example, if you have may different IRS and state tax offices in your address book, you can add tags such as “IRS, Ogden”, “IRS, Cincinnati”, “IRS, Louisville”,…

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Certified Mail vs. Certified Mail Return Receipt

Certified Mail® is a USPS mail service commonly used to send important documents. The sender can track their Certified Mail through the USPS and be notified of Proof of Delivery once the item has been delivered or a delivery attempt has been made. Certified Mail is used in a wide range of industries: including law…

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3 Tips for Sending Certified Mail to the IRS

“In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” So said Benjamin Franklin more than two centuries ago, and it’s still true today. At least once a year, everyone must communicate with the IRS regarding taxes, whether it’s a tax return, payment, or other tax-related documents. While it’s become quite common in recent years…

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