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We’ve been simplifying Certified Mail® since 2005.

We're business professionals who've worked in industries that depend on USPS Certified Mail®. We've experienced, first-hand, the challenges Certified Mail® presents to those organizations: The time spent preparing, sending, and managing the Certified Mail®. The difficulty tracking Certified Mail® on the USPS web site. The frustration of keeping track of Green Cards. In 2005 we launched to eliminate those hassles. Since then, we've helped thousands of clients save countless hours, save money, increase response times and improve business productivity.

Our History got its start in 2005 with the idea of leveraging web technologies to make Certified Mail® easier to use for government offices.

Working together with the USPS and Endicia, we developed and introduced our online software to enable clients to print a cover sheet or label, printed from standard office printers, and including electronic postage, thus enabling clients to eliminate the USPS PS 3800 form, PS 3811 Green Card, and postage meters. The software also automatically checks and corrects outbound addresses, ensuring they were formatted correctly and contain the correct Zip+4.

Not long after, we added the capability of posting the Return Receipt (Electronic) PDF to our clients’ accounts within 24 hours of their Certified Mail® letters being delivered. This was a big improvement over waiting up to a week for the return of a Green Card. And it remains a feature that is unmatched.

We also launched a Proof of Delivery (Electronic) PDF for those users who do not require a Return Receipt (Electronic) with signature. The Proof of Delivery (Electronic) is also posted to client accounts within 24 hours of the Certified Mail® piece being delivered.

In 2011, we incorporated the new USPS Intelligent Mail Package Barcode technology into our service to gain a higher level of visibility of the mail stream and added Proof of Acceptance (Electronic) to our service, thus eliminating the need for Scan Forms, Firm Books and Manifests.

Next came Batch Processing, for clients needing to send larger quantities of Certified Mail,® often to a recurring list of recipients. Batch Processing enables our clients to mail to hundreds or thousands of users, using mailings lists they maintain in Microsoft® Excel.

In 2017 we added API support for Enterprise Clients seeking to integrate our services directly into other web-based applications.

In 2020 we launched Print Queue™ which enables clients to add cover sheets to a queue as they work during the day, but delay printing until later. For some clients, it’s more efficient to print a day’s worth of cover sheets all at once, rather than one-at-a-time. We also partnered with EasyPost® to bring more capabilities to the platform, such as mailing regular First-Class letters. remains committed to providing the most innovative and user-friendly services to its clients, all to make USPS services more accessible and easier to use.



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