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Cost of service

Only pay for what you use.
No subscription fees, monthly minimums or maintenance fees.

The cost of service includes USPS postage, Certified Mail® fees, window envelopes, and all the features of the SimpleCertifiedTM Platform. You’ll save time and money throughout the Certified Mail process.

For enterprise clients, there are no up-front costs to use our REST APIs, and no costs for support.

The SimpleCertified Platform
saves time and reduces costs.

Cost of Service for most popular Certified Mail pieces:

Free Certified Mail Window Envelopes from

Certified Mail® Letter:

  • 1 oz. Certified Mail® letter with electronic Proof of Acceptance and Delivery, and the SimpleCertifiedTM Platform with no signature.
  • #10 and 6x9 envelopes: $5.07
  • 9x12 envelope: $5.56
  • Each additional oz. (5 pages) adds $.20

Certified Mail® Letter with Return Receipt:

  • 1 oz. Certified Mail® letter sent with with Proof of Acceptance and Return Receipt Electronic, plus all the benefits of the SimpleCertifiedTM Platform.
  • #10 and 6x9 envelopes: $6.82
  • 9x12 envelope: $7.31
  • Each additional oz. (5 pages) adds $.20

How to order Certified Mail® envelopes and labels

Simple Certified Mail

Our Certified Mail® envelopes are pre-printed with the green Certified Mail® banner along the top edge, and come with a large, clear window that enables USPS scanners to scan our unique cover sheet inside – with the recipient and return addresses, electronic postage and USPS bar codes. The envelopes are provided at no charge in #10, 6x9 and 9x12 sizes. We can also help you source your own.

Simple Certified Mail

Our Certified Mail® labels make it easy to send Certified Mail® that requires larger envelopes or boxes. Labels are pre-printed with the Certified Mail® banner and come two-up on 8½"x11" sheets which can run through ink-jet and laser printers. Packages of 200 Certified Mail labels are $29.95 each. We can also help you source your own.

Also supporting First-Class Mail® and Priority Mail®

Prepare First-Class Mail®, First-Class Parcel®, Priority Mail® and Priority Mail® Express via the SimpleCertified™ platform. A 7¢ transaction fee is charged for First Class letters. 50¢ for Priority Mail®.

Simple Certified Mail

Print 8 ½” x 11” cover sheets,
with electronic postage, on plain paper.
Fold and insert them into all-white window envelopes
along with your printed letter.

Simple Certified Mail

Print on standard white
5 ½” x 8 ½” labels available
from Avery® and many other brands.

Get started today!

No setup or monthly fees. No software to install. Perfect for office or home.
If you have questions, call 888-462-1750. 8am-5pm ET. To sign up, click below.

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