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Cost of service

Only pay for what you use.
No subscription fees, monthly minimums or maintenance fees.

The cost of service includes USPS postage, Certified Mail® fees, window envelopes, and all the features of the SimpleCertifiedTM Platform. You’ll save time and money throughout the Certified Mail process.

For enterprise clients, there are no up-front costs to use our REST APIs, and no costs for support.

The SimpleCertified Platform
saves time and reduces costs.

Cost of Service for most popular Certified Mail pieces:

Free Certified Mail Window Envelopes from

Certified Mail® Letter:

  • 1 oz. Certified Mail® letter with electronic Proof of Acceptance and Delivery, and the SimpleCertifiedTM Platform with no signature.
  • #10 and 6x9 envelopes: $5.07
  • 9x12 envelope: $5.56
  • Each additional oz. (5 pages) adds $.20

Certified Mail® Letter with Return Receipt:

  • 1 oz. Certified Mail® letter sent with with Proof of Acceptance and Return Receipt Electronic, plus all the benefits of the SimpleCertifiedTM Platform.
  • #10 and 6x9 envelopes: $6.82
  • 9x12 envelope: $7.31
  • Each additional oz. (5 pages) adds $.20

How to order Certified Mail® envelopes and labels

Simple Certified Mail

Our Certified Mail® envelopes are pre-printed with the green Certified Mail® banner along the top edge, and come with a large, clear window that enables USPS scanners to scan our unique cover sheet inside – with the recipient and return addresses, electronic postage and USPS bar codes. The envelopes are provided at no charge in #10, 6x9 and 9x12 sizes. We can also help you source your own.

Simple Certified Mail

Our Certified Mail® labels make it easy to send Certified Mail® that requires larger envelopes or boxes. Labels are pre-printed with the Certified Mail® banner and come two-up on 8½"x11" sheets which can run through ink-jet and laser printers. Packages of 200 Certified Mail labels are $29.95 each. We can also help you source your own.

We’re more than Certified Mail®.

Now supporting First-Class and Priority Mail Service.

Prepare First Class Mail, First-Class Parcel, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express via the SimpleCertified™ platform. A 7¢ transaction fee is added to First Class letters. 50¢ to Priority Mail.

Simple Certified Mail

Print directly on your own envelopes or
use the window envelopes available
from our online store.

Simple Certified Mail

For Priority Mail, use standard
5.5"x8.5" labels from Avery® and many others.

Get started today!

No setup or monthly fees. No software to install. Perfect for office or home.
If you have questions, call 888-462-1750. 8am-5pm ET. To sign up, click below.

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