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USPS Certified Mail
Rates for 2020

The new 2020 USPS fees for Certified Mail and associated rates for First Class and Priority Mail are shown in the charts below, along with a comparison versus the 2019 rates. The 2020 prices go into effect on January 26, 2020.


USPS Postage for First Class Letters and Flats
USPS Extra Service Fees20202019Increase
Certified Mail Fee$3.55$3.00$0.55
PS3811 Return Receipt (old-fashioned Green Card)$2.85$2.80$0.05
Return Receipt Electronic PDF (replaces the Green Card)$1.70$1.60$0.10
Restricted Delivery Service Fee$5.45$5.30$0.15
USPS Postage for First Class Letters and Flats
USPS Postage20202019Increase
First Class Postage - 1 oz.$0.55$0.55$0.00
First Class Postage - additional ounces$0.15$0.15$0.00
Metered Postage - 1 oz. ( Rate)$0.50$0.50$0.00
Metered Postage - additional ounces ( Rate)$0.15$0.15$0.00
Large Envelopes (Flats) - 1 oz.$1.00$1.00$0.00
Large Envelopes (Flats) - additional ounces$0.20$0.15$0.05
USPS Postage for Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelopes and Boxes

(Commercial Base Pricing - the Rate )

Envelope or Box Type20202019Increase
Flat Rate Envelope$7.15$6.95$0.20
Legal Flat Rate Envelope$7.45$7.25$0.20
Padded Flat Rate Envelope$7.75$7.55$0.20
Small Flat Rate Box$7.65$7.50$0.15
Medium Flat Rate Box$13.20$12.80$0.40
Large Flat Rate Box$18.30$17.60$0.70
USPS Postage for Priority Express Flat-Rate Envelopes

(Commercial Base Pricing - the Rate )

Envelope Type20202019Increase
Flat Rate Envelope$22.75$22.68$0.07
Legal Flat Rate Envelope$22.95$22.80$0.15
Padded Flat Rate Envelope$23.25$23.18$0.07

Save Time and Money with saves you time and money compared to doing Certified Mail the old-fashioned way.
Two examples:

    1. If you’re still sending Certified Mail with the old-fashioned Green Cards, you’ll spend $6.95 sending a 1 oz. envelope in 2020, or $6.90 if metering your mail. Then you’ll wait for several days the Green Cards to come back to your office, then file the Green Cards in a way that you hopefully won’t lose track of them.
      In contrast, with, your cost of service is lower, ranging from $6.56 to $6.44 for a 1 ounce letter - depending on volume - and the Green Card is replaced with the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) PDF file, the universally accepted replacement for the Green Card, that is posted to your account within 24 hours of the mail piece being delivered, where it remains for ten years, and emailed to you and others as you request.
    2. Don’t ignore your internal costs to prepare and manage Certified Mail. Prospective clients often report that these processes increase their true cost of using Certified Mail by 100% or more. That all changes with, as there are no manual forms to fill out, trips to the Post Office, long waits for the Green Cards to come back and filing costs. Clients report time savings of 80% and more once they convert.

There is no charge to get started, no monthly fees or contracts. You pay only for the Certified Mail you send.

Get started quickly!

Getting started is simple. There’s no software to install. No fixed monthly fees. Just a small transaction fee per piece, and we supply the Certified Mail window envelopes at no extra charge. Just tell us how many you need to get started and prefund your account (minimum level of $60). You’ll receive the envelopes in 3-5 days and unused funds are refundable. To sign up, click below. If you have questions, call 888-462-1750. 8am–5pm ET.

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