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The USPS Certified® Mail software chosen by Fortune 500, Government and Small Business.

Simplify operations. Elevate compliance. Reduce risks.

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No Subscription • No Equipment Leases • No Hidden Transaction Fees

Over 20 million letters and packages sent!
Over 20 million letters and packages sent!

All the benefits of USPS Certified Mail®. None of the hassle.

No Post Office required
No Post Office required

Prepare, print, send Certified Mail right from your computer using plain paper and our free Certified Mail envelopes… or print labels for flats and boxes.

No more manual forms and green cards
No more manual forms and green cards

The Proof of Acceptance Electronic replaces PS3800 Receipts, Scan Forms, Manifest and Firm Books, and is posted to your account once your Certified Mail receives its first outbound scan. The USPS Return Receipt Electronic replaces the Green Card and is posted to your account within 24 hours of delivery.

100% legal compliance
100% legal compliance

The Proof of Acceptance Electronic is universally accepted as prima facia evidence that the USPS physically took possession of mail at a specific time and date. The Return Receipt Electronic has the same legal standing as the Green Card.

Instant digital access to 10 years of records
Instant digital access to 10 years of records

Log in anytime to check or download the USPS Proofs, as well as your mailing costs, for each individual mail piece. Eliminates manual filing forever.

Print one at a time or batches of thousands
Print one at a time or batches of thousands

Quickly generate dozens, hundreds or thousands of Certified Mail envelopes or labels, with or without Return Receipts, using our simple Batch Processing features or REST API.

Cut costs and labor time by up to 80%
Cut costs and labor time by up to 80%

By eliminating manual forms, postage meters, and trips to the Post Office, clients report time and labor savings exceeding 80%.

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PERFECT FOR: Legal Notices - Debt Collection - Tax Returns - Insurance Claims - Real Estate - Municipal Violations - Employment

Simple three-step process.


Print the Simple Certified cover sheet on plain paper or on a shipping label.


Insert the cover sheet and document(s) into our free envelopes, or affix shipping label to a Priority Mail Envelopes or Box. Then mail.


Manage and track online – 10-year archive – including Electronic Proof of Acceptance, Proof of Delivery the Return Receipt Electronic, and your mailing costs.

Our clients say it best...

"Our old process was simply archaic. The solutions delivered by have completely modernized and streamlined our services, and we look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come."

–Senior Client Relationship Manager, MSP

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Safe, reliable archiving and effortless digital retrieval

  • Eliminate errors or manual preparation and physical filing
  • Get court and IRS approved prima facia digital evidence
  • Use APIs to combine the USPS Proof of Acceptance, Delivery and Return Receipt, with the original document, for data integrity
  • Integrate USPS Proofs and Mailing Cost data into your CRM system for access within your organization
  • Locate crucial documents in seconds with a simple online search
  • 10 years of secure data cloud storage of all compliance records
Mail Service Providers

Upgrade Your Technology

Modern tools built for Certified Mail®

  • Eliminate manual forms and human error
  • Avoid trips to the Post Oftice, PS3800 receipts. Scan Forms. Manitests and Firm Books
  • Postage meters are simply not built for efficient Certified Mail processing
  • No complicated labels to peel and stick No more Green Cards!


Reduce prep time, labor and filing time by over 80%

  • Prepare Certified Mail with or without Return Receipt with postage all in one step
  • Process and prepare on your desktop, in the mailroom or mail processing facility
  • Prepare one at a time or in batches of thousands
  • Return Receipt (Electronic) means no more manual filing of Green Cards that often get lost.
  • NEW! Send standard First Class and Priority Mail in addition to Certified Mail
Simple Certified Mail
Choose 6x9, 9x12, or #10

Get started today. Order your free envelopes.

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Automatic refunds for Certified Mail® that is created but not mailed

Move Forward Faster

Accelerate legal, asset recovery, and other business processes

  • Faster USPS® confirmations – Return Receipt and Delivery Confirmation posted to your account within hours of delivery,not days or weeks
  • No delays for Green Cards that get lost in the mail
  • Validate recipient addresses for faster USPS delivery and no returns
  • Easily allocate mailing costs and seek reimbursement from clients with Reports

Save Time and Money

Dramatically reduce costs

  • FREE Certified Mail Envelopes ensure faster USPS processing while eliminating manual forms
  • Save 33¢ on Certified Mail with Return Receipt Electronic compared to using Green Cards.
  • Save $2.65 per mail piece when Electronic Proof of Acceptance and Proof of Delivery are required, but no signature.
  • Automatic refunds for Certified Mail that wasn't mailed
  • Eliminate lost time going to the post office

Your Certified Mail® Experts

Unmatched Customer Service

  • Founded by business professionals who've worked in industries that depend on USPS Certified Mail®.
  • When you call or email our office in North Carolina, you speak to our employees – not outsourced call centers.
  • Sales, support and engineering are all based in North Carolina, and can be reached from 8am to 5pm (ET), Monday through Friday.
  • Our service level is noted for FIVE 9's uptime.
Simple Certified Mail
Choose 6x9, 9x12, or #10

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