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Our easy-to-use online software helps you move legal, asset recovery and other processes forward much faster – whether you're sending one, 100 or 100,000 pieces.

Welcome Developers!

If you're a software developer, we've made it quite simple for you to integrate into your own application. Just review the four Application Programming Interfaces (API) options below and then complete the form that follows. A representative from our Developer Group will contact you shortly.

  1. API’s for Enterprise Customers Seeking Direct Links to Our Resources. For clients seeking to integrate some or all of resources with their applications, our full suite of web service API’s enable complete automation of requesting Certified Mail labels, delivery information, Proof of Acceptance (Electronic)©, Proof of Delivery (Electronic)© and Return Receipt (Electronic). These web services support both SOAP and REST communications protocols.
  2. Web Service. A requesting application sends all of the details of a single USPS Certified® Mail label to through HTTPS web service SOAP and REST communications protocols. The label image is returned in real-time.
  3. Outsourced Printing. An extension of the web service interface, document data is routed into a pre-determined page template and then printed and mailed from approved processing facilities.
  4. Batch Processing. An XML document containing the details of a batch of labels is transmitted to via SFTP. After generates the USPS Certified Mail® labels as images, a ZIP file of the images is sent back to the requesting application through a pre-arranged SFTP server.

For each of these interfaces, the user of your system also needs to have an account with, consisting of an: Account Name, Username and Password. The labels that are generated become "accountable documents", and your users will be able to log into directly to check on their delivery status.

To work with, you will need a partner key and test account from our Development Team. Please contact Developer Support using the form on this page and we will get back to you quickly.

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Web Services

Outsourced Printing

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“ helps us create USPS Certified Mail® labels with postage and addressee in under 30 seconds. Our regular USPS mail carrier picks up our items, so our people don't travel and wait at the Post Office. The prompt return of the Return Receipt (Electronic) helps us move forward to the next step in our Affidavit of Service and saves 3-5 business days.”

– P.W.
Managing Partner, Law Firm

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