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Simple Facts about Certified Mail

When comparing providers of Certified Mail with Electronic Postage please be sure to consider the total cost of the transaction and important features and benefits:

  • The USPS does not charge a fee for Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt. Some services indicate there is a fee to provide the City, State, Time and Date the item is delivered in a pdf format. In fact, it is masking the provider's service fee by indicating it is a USPS rendered charge.
  • When is the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) available. The USPS Return Receipt (Electronic) should be available the next day after the item is delivered.
  • Does the service provide an Automatic Refund of Unused Postage? The service should automatically refund any item created but not accepted by the USPS the eighth day afterwards. Most service provider’s requires the user to manually process the refund and wait up to fifteen days for the refund to be credited to the account. If the user neglects to request a refund within the allotted time the entire cost of the item is lost.
  • When comparing service providers, consider the total cost of the transaction to include the envelope not the transaction fee per item.
  • Do not be confused by services offering to save money by using Electronic Return Receipt with Certified Mail rather than USPS Domestic Return Receipt (PS3811) “Green Card”, or the USPS Return Receipt (Electronic). The Electronic Return Receipt provides only the time, date, city and state of delivery, and does not provide the signature of the person accepting the item. If you are using Certified Mail to comply with State General Statues or Federal Codes, the rules are very specific concerning the type of Certified Mail that must be used. If it specifies Certified Mail with Return Receipt, it must be mailed as specified. If the item is sent Certified rather than Certified with Return Receipt it can be held by the courts as failure to comply with the law, and may be deemed as Service not Completed. LLC is a BBB Accredited Computer Software Service in Cary, NC

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Don't need Return Receipt (Electronic)?

If you send USPS Certified Mail® without Return Receipt (Electronic), our total transaction-and-postage cost for a one-ounce envelope is $4.92. To determine the cost of mail pieces exceeding one ounce, simply subtract $.46 from the $4.92 price, and then add the appropriate postage. For example, add $.66 for a 2-ounce letter, $0.92 for a one ounce flat, or $5.25 for Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes.